Games Workshop Rumor Compendium Introduction

by | Feb 13, 2017

When Blood of Kittens was updated late last year, a blank page was left with the title of Rumor compendium. This location is now to the Games Workshop Rumor Compendium. On the page you will find simple bullet points for all the latest rumors swirling around the Internet about Games Workshop games. Like previous compendiums it is broken down into each Warhammer 40k faction, with additional tabs for Forge World and Age of Sigmar.

The most rumors through can be found under the Games Workshop tab, here you will find general rumors like fluff changes and most importantly edition changes. Many rumors are edited to leave out all the narrative flourishes many rumormongers use to clutter up the actual real tidbits they sometimes obfuscate. In addition, rumors won’t be sourced, since it is time consuming and ultimately pointless to try sourcing the origin of a rumor, instead time is taken not to repeat rumors, especially ones you know you have read a few times by a different set of authors.

The compendium is updated without notification, so it is wise to take a look at it every few days to see if anything has been added. The rumor compendium will though have a monthly update post showcasing some of the rumors from the previous month. As rumors become fact, you will always be able to take a look back and see when a rumor originated.

That should explain everything you need to know about the how the Games Workshop Rumor Compendium works, now go check it out!

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