40k As a Team Sport, the ATC and ETC Lists

by | Jul 17, 2017

Blood of Kittens often gets requests to post on the most “elite” corner of competitive Warhammer 40k, Team Tournaments, specifically the biggest team tournaments the ETC, ATC, and Adepticon Team Tournament. What makes team tournaments interesting is the different play styles and list building necessary to compete in those events. Match ups and pairings are often times more important than the games themselves, as the rock, paper, scissors tendencies are amplified and exploited. Helped by knowing what your opponent is going to take and the strengths and weaknesses of each participant.

It is for those reasons, I have often resisted talking about those events, as they don’t represent how the game is really played, nor do they represent an experience the average Warhammer 40k player exists in. What they do bring though is a barometer of where the game is currently at and most importantly the biggest problems it has.

Typically, ETC and ATC lists come in four basic categories, Alpha Strike, Counter Strike, Point Denial, and All Comers. Alpha strike lists are designed to cripple an opponent on the first turn. Counter Strike lists usually have strong defense or ways to avoid damage, usually grinding an opponent to dust through attrition. The Point Denial list is very unique, designed usually take the Alpha Strike army or go against the best opposing player, looking for a minor loss or tie, thus denying the opposing team an overall high score. These lists usually have strange combinations that only make sense in the team format. Finally, you have the All Comers list, usually this list is put in the hands of the best team member. It is designed to handle all situations, but most importantly exotic match ups and situations.

Keeping those type of lists in mind whenever looking at an entire team list set. Just because something looks strange or under powered doesn’t mean it is in the team format. At the same time you will see lists that bring out the complete worse in Warhammer 40k, with spam and alpha strike lists filling up many mid-tier teams. Also be aware lists that most team tournaments encourage faction diversity, by forcing teams to not take the same faction or list over and over again.

With all that said, here is the part you been waiting for, all the ETC lists and the top ATC lists for 2017.

We will start with the ATC which just finished yesterday. Leading with the top teams and individual players.

   1st Place ATC Team Happy

Top Five Individual Players Standings

  1. Brad Chester ATC 2017
  2. Carter Leach ATC 2017
  3. Mike Welch ATC 2017
  4. Aaron Aleong ATC 2017
  5. Alan Bajramovic ATC 2017

As you can see the top three teams only shared one of the top individual players, illustrating team how you cannot win the event on the back on one player. ATC is a huge event as well with over 55 teams and almost 300 players!

As for the ETC, it is still weeks away, with most players having to be born in the counties they represent, traditionally this usually means the strong teams are Germany, Poland, and England.

Look at the lists from those nations if you want to get an idea of the extreme meta 8th edition is currently offering.

ETC 2017 Complete Team Lists

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