Space Wolves 8th Edition Codex: Leak Compilation

Aug 15, 2018

Time for another leak and rumor compilation, this time for Warhammer 40k 8th edition Space Wolves codex rumors and leaks. As with the other compilations the Warhammer 40k 8th edition Space Wolf codex will feature both Games Workshop community info and any other Internet leaks and rumors as they come!

Check back everyday as new leaks and rumors for Warhammer 40k 8th edition Space Wolf Codex will be added, without notification.

Pre-orders August. 18th Release Date August. 25th:

  • Space Wolf Codex: $40
  • Datacards: $15

Updated Unit Point Costs:


  • Bjorn the Fell Handed fell from 200 points to 180, & can now explode

  • Logan Grimnar point cost from 190 to 170 on foot, 230 to 190 on Storm Rider & gains a 2+ save on his sled

  • Rengar Blackman’s “insane bravado” changed from heroic intervention to increased attacks D3 till end of turn. His optional wolves went from 12 points to 16 for both

  • Krom Dragongaze points from 115 to 90

  • Harald Deathwolf 1+ attack

  • Wolf Lord now has its own profile and 5 variants (normal, primaris, terminator, on thunderwolf, etc)

  • Iron Priests from 58 points to 45, locked to tempest hammer & hellfrost pistol, no jump pack

  • Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf from points from 128 to 118

  • Rune Priest can no longer take items from SW combi weapon list, also now knows 2 powers instead of just 1 power

Troops, Elites, & Fast Attack:

  • Wulfen can now benefit from Curse of the Wulfen hunt

  • Murderfang increase attacks by 2 in turn in which has made successful charge, 7 attacks on charge, cannot be warlord, can now explode

  • Venerable Dreadnought is reduced by 5 points

  • Default Rune Priest in Terminator Armor only comes with Runic Axe, is 2 points cheaper

  • Wolf Guard Battle Leader from 5 power to 4, attacks from 4 to 3, must replace chainsword for stormshield

  • Wolf Guard Battle Leader Terminator Armor from 92 points to 91, from 4 attacks to 3, has to give up power sword for stormshield

  • Wolf Guard Battle Leader on Thunderwolf from 97 points to 104, from 4 to 3 attacks

  • Wolf Guard from 16 to 15 points per model

  • Wolf Guard Terminators from 31 points to 26 points per model

  • Wolf Guard Pack Leader in Terminator armor from 31 points to 26 per model

  • Wolf scout from 5-11 per unit to 5-10, can take power axe or power sword

  • Dreadnaught has own profile, can take great wolf claw

  • Blood Claws from 5-16 per unit to 5-15, when adding 5 more models is power 3 instead of 4, when adding 10 its power 6 instead of 8, mixed unit rule added to data sheet.

  • Fenrisian Wolves from 6 to 8 points per model

  • Cyberwolf leadership from 4 to 6


  • Pack Leaders lose access to frost weapons

  • Hellfrost Destructor from 50 points to 0

  • Hellfrost Pistol from 15 to 4 points

  • Fenrisian Greataxe from 40 points to 50 points, gets two modes for anti infantry, and reduced effectiveness against anti tank

  • Blizzard Shield, 4+ instead of 3+ invulnerable save

  • Great Claw from 25 points to 45

  • Wolf Priest no more combi weapon list options

  • Skyclaws can only take power axe, power sword, or power fist

General Warlord Traits:

  • Saga of a Warrior Born (fight first always); Deed: Kill a Character
  • Saga of Majesty (+3″ to auras); Deed: Kill the Warlord
  • Saga of the Bear (6+ FnP); Deed: Make a save
  • Saga of the Beastslayer (+1 to wound Monster and Vehicles); Deed: Kill a vehicle or Monster
  • Saga of the Hunter (Camo cloak for the Warlord and advance and charge)
  • Saga of the Wolfkin


  • Cunning of the Wolf (1CP): Put one Infantry On the Hunt
  • True Grit (1CP): Fire Bolters as Pistols
  • Keen Senses: Ignore modifiers
  • The Wolf’s Eye (1CP): Reroll hits or Wounds for a Long Fang unit
  • Cloaked by the Storm (3CP): 6″ -1 to hit bubble around after a psychic power has been cast
  • Lone Wolf (1CP): last survivor of a squad becomes a character gains 2 wounds and reroll to hit and to wound
  • Only in Death Does Duty End (2CP): before a character is removed fight again
  • Honour the Chapter (3CP): Infantry or Bikers fight again in the Fighting phase
  • Seeking the Saga (1CP): reroll wounds with a Character fighting a unit with higher Power rating
  • Laugh in the Face of Death: reroll hit roll against leadership modifiers
  • Living Storm (seems to be similar to Empyric Channeling): Living Lightning D6 mortal wounds, needs several Rune Priests

“Chapter Tactics”:

  • Hunter’s Unleashes +1 to hit when charging, being charged and heroic intervention and 6″ for heroic intervention

Psychic Powers:

  • Storm Caller: 6″ cover bubble
  • Tempest’s Wrath: -1 to hit to enemybunit
  • Jaws of the World Wolf: mortal wounds if you exceed the movement characteristic
  • Living Lightning: D3 mortal wounds that spill if unit destroyed
  • Fury of the Wolf Spirits: melee attacks for Rune Priest
  • Murderous Hurricane 6+ mortal wounds against in an amount equal to the units models

Unit Updates: 

  • Removed Units
    • Lone Wolf (replaced by stratagem)
    • All HQ’s on Bikes
    • Wolf Guard on Bikes
    • Iron Priest on Thunderwolf
    • Imperial Space Marine (35th Anniversary Exclusive model)
  • New Units

    • Full Primaris Line now included in Codex!
    • Great Company Champion
    • Primaris Battle Leader
    • Wulfen Dreadnaughts
    • Great Company Ancients
    • Cataphractii & Tartaros armour
    • Contemptor Dreadnoughts
    • Land Speeder Storm
    • Stormhawk Interceptor
    • Scout Bikes
    • Hunters
    • Stalkers
    • Servitors


  • Krakenbone Sword Frost Sword AP-4 reroll wounds
  • Armour of Russ 4++ and make a unit within 1″ fight last
  • Frostfury assault 4 S4 AP-1 2D with hellfrost replaces Storm Bolter

Warhammer Community Sneak Peaks

With 27 Stratagems to choose from, your Space Wolves army will have a dizzying array of tactical options available to it. One of the most flexible is Cunning of the Wolf, an alternative deployment option that lets you flank your enemy and set up devastating attacks:

You’ll also be wanting to keep key units in your army safe. Space Wolves have access to an incredible (if costly) Stratagem that does just that:

The Stratagems in Codex: Space Wolves are designed to add individual character to your units to reflect their abilities and training. The Wolf’s Eye, for example, enhances your Long Fangs with re-rolls to hit or to wound, allowing you to adjust their tactics as needed.

As well as providing gameplay benefits, the Space Wolves Stratagems are flavourful and thematic, filling your battles with epic moments and heroism worthy of the greatest sagas of Fenris. One of our favourites is Lone Wolf – a new take on an iconic aspect of Space Wolves lore that transforms the last survivor of your chosen squad into an unstoppable juggernaut of berserker vengeance:

With the Hunters Unleashed and these Stratagems, every Space Wolf in your army will feel like a hero. Speaking of heroes…


Mere Warlord Traits wouldn’t be heroic enough for the Space Wolves. Instead, each has an epic Saga – a two-part trait that rewards you for playing in an appropriately valourous manner.

Every Saga starts the game as an enhancement that affects your Warlord, offering them more attacks, bonuses to hit, improvements to their aura abilities and so on.

However, each Saga also has an associated Deed of Legend – a valiant task that, when completed by your Warlord, transforms their Saga into a powerful aura ability!

Some, like the Saga of the Bear, reward you for leading from the front of your army:

Others, like Saga of the Beastslayer, reward you for getting stuck into combat:

In short – play like a true Wolf Lord, and you’ll be granted powerful abilities. Of course, to accomplish such legendary deeds, you’ll need some legendary weapons…

The armouries of the Fang swell with storied weapons and armour – and you’ll be able to equip some of the most legendary with the new codex. The Armour of Russ stood out for us, serving to lock down enemy characters and potentially buy enough time for the rest of your close-combat units to take them out:


Frostfury, on the other hand, is a deadly storm bolter that fires helfrost bolter rounds to deal punishing amounts of damage – it’s basically a pocket autocannon:

Combined with the Sagas above, you’ll have a huge amount of choice for customising your favourite characters, creating anything from legendary Wolf Lords to particularly talented Rune Priests – and that’s before we consider psychic powers…

…or, as the Rune Priests would have you believe, the elemental powers of Fenris. Whatever they are, Space Wolves now have a fully fledged discipline of powers to draw from. Living Lightning can potentially devastate weakened armies, chaining onto new targets whenever it finishes a unit off:

Fury of the Wolf Spirits, on the other hand, is a close-combat psychic power that gives your chosen Rune Priest a hail of armour-shredding attacks:

Today, we’re checking out the big, headline changes to the army – from a brutal ability that makes your Infantry, Cavalry, Bikers and Dreadnoughts even more deadly in close combat to a set of new and improved datasheets that’ll give you more units to play with and better options when building your lists.


Hunters Unleashed makes the Space Wolves a brutally effective close-combat army, allowing them to blitz through enemy units in an unerring storm of attacks. It’s also handy in a shooting army, forcing any enemy who charges you to reckon with a brutal counter-attack – for maximum effect (and Fenrisian valour), throw a lightning claw-armed Wolf Guard Terminator Pack Leader into all your squads.

The second part of Hunters Unleashed is also extremely useful, providing protection and flexibility for ranged units looking to fight close to the foe. Add Bjorn the Fell-Handed to a gunline, and you’ll be able to acquaint anyone who thinks your Long Fangs are a soft target for close combat with Trueclaw. Keep your commanders in a pack, and anyone who charges one will have to battle them all as they heroically intervene. You mess with one wolf, you mess with the pack!

Codex: Space Wolves features a comprehensive review of your army based on our playtesting and discussions with Space Wolves superfans since the index was released. Our writers have made a range of small but very welcome tweaks designed to make your army feel more like it does in the lore on the tabletop, as well as reviewing points to make sure you’ve got a good reason to take any unit in the book.

Logan Grimnar on Stormrider now has a 2+ save – as befits a Terminator-armoured, chariot-riding High King of Fenris. That’s not all – you can now add a close-combat Champion to your Great Company, while Murderfang has been given a few extra attacks with which to rip and tear your foes asunder.

As well as officially adding all the Primaris Space Marines to the Space Wolves in full – including Primaris Wolf Lords and Primaris Battle Leaders – Codex: Space Wolves has a host of new content for fans of classic Space Marines too. Ancient patterns of Terminator armour are now available for your Wolf Guard – gear up with impenetrable suits of Cataphractii plate or stay mobile with Tartaros armour.


Likewise, if you’ve got a plastic Contemptor Dreadnought, or maybe even Forge World’s magnificent Space Wolves Contemptor Dreadnought, you’ve got rules for using them in your Warhammer 40,000 army.


Speaking of Dreadnoughts, thanks to a new datasheet, you’ll be able to provide a brutal answer to the question of whether or not these ancient warriors can succumb to the Curse of the Wulfen. The answer is a) yes and b) it’s awesome.

There’s also a host of Space Marines units who never previously made their way into Space Wolves codexes who we thought deserved a place in the new book. If you like Wolf Scouts, you’ll find the Land Speeder Storm great for delivering them to the heart of battle invaluable, or you can choose to mount them on bikes to flank your prey. Meanwhile, the Stormhawk Interceptor is ideal for clearing the skies for your Stormwolf Gunships – if your newly Space Wolf-ified Hunters and Stalkers don’t do the job first.

Leaked Images & Video

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