Orks 8th Edition Codex: Leak Compilation

Sep 4, 2018

Time for another leak and rumor compilation, this time for Warhammer 40k 8th edition Orks codex rumors and leaks. As with the other compilations the Warhammer 40k 8th edition Orks codex will feature both Games Workshop community info and any other Internet leaks and rumors as they come!

Check back everyday as new leaks and rumors for Warhammer 40k 8th edition Orks Codex will be added, without notification.

Pre-orders Oct. 27th Release Date Nov. 3rd:

  • Ork Codex: $40
  • Datacards: $15
  • Ork Dice: $20

Updated Unit Information:

  •  No Warboss / Mek / Painboy on bike in the Codex
  •  New Megatrakk Skrap Buggy
  •  New Squig Buggy (possibly the “Rockettrukk Squig Buggy”)
  •  Mek Shop fortification, gives nearby shooting units with a random number of shots the maximum number of shots

Warlord Traits:

  • Bad Moons :4+ invulnerable save
  • Blood axes: if your warlord is on the battlefield, roll a dice for every command point used. On a 6 that command point is refunded
  • Deathskulls: warlord  re rolls 1s when attacking a vehicle.  Enemy characters can be targeted with a shooting attack by this warlord even if they are not the closest unit.
  • Evil sunz: evil suns units within 6” of the warlord can charge even if they fell back earlier in the turn.
  • Freebooters: reroll hit rolls of 1’s for attacks made by friendly freebooter models while within 6”s of this warlord.
  • Goffs: add 1 to this warlords attack characteristic
  • Snakebites: re roll morale for snakebite units when they are 6”s from this warlord. Gretchin auto pass morale when they are within 12”s of this warlord.


  • Teleport – Lets the Ork player keep 20PL of models off the board, teleport in within 9″ of the enemy on Turn 1
  • Green Tide – Take an under strength Boyz unit, set them up, full-strength, within 6″ of a board edge and 9″ from an enemy unit
  • Grot Shield – When an Ork unit near a unit of Grots is hit in the shooting phase, roll a 2+, Grots take the shot instead
  • Ramming Speed – Vehicle charges 3d6″, does mortal wounds when it successfully charges
  • Looted – Ork infantry unit gains +1 to armor save when a vehicle is destroyed near them
  • Long, Uncontrolled Bursts – Add +1 to hit for a flying unit that shoot at other flyers
  • Get Stuck In – Ork unit may pile in and fight again

Ork Clans:

  • Goffs – Rolls of 6 to hit in close combat generate further attacks
  • Bad Moons – Re-roll 1’s to hit
  • Evil Sunz – +1 to Movement, as well as +1 to Advances and Charges
  • Deathskulls – 6+ invulnerable save, units may also re-roll one to-hit, to-wound and damage roll for shooting
  • Blood Axes – May Advance and Charge after Falling Back, also count as in Cover while in the open
  • Snakebites – 6+ rolls to ignore wounds, like Disgustingly Resilient
  • Freebooters – Get +1 to hit if another nearby friendly model destroys an enemy







Warhammer Community Sneak Peaks

Orks hold to a number of simple but utterly unshakable beliefs, the two most prominent being that red ones go faster and blue ones are lucky. The Deathskulls exemplify the latter, daubing their armour, vehicles and clothing in blue to ensure their luck will be as outrageous as they can get away with. But how does this affect ‘da Boyz in Blue’? Let’s take a look…


Blue paint is actually lucky (well, for Orks, anyway). In fact, it’s so lucky that every Deathskulls unit gets a 6+ invulnerable save! From gaining a chance to save against those pesky lascannon shots on your Deff Dreads to adding a little bit more durability on your hordes of Boyz, what’s not to love? And you get a series of auspicious re-rolls whenever you’re shootin’ or krumpin’ stuff (all the better for lootin’ their gubbinz afterwards, of course). What’s more, having “Dis is Ours! Zogg Off!” – a rule that gives you priority when you score objectives – on no less than all of your Infantry units helps you keep a control of the battlefield. Lucky gitz indeed

The Deathskulls know better than any that to steal something, sometimes you need to blow it up first. That’s where Tankbustas come in. Like before, they get re-rolls to hit against all Vehicles but combine them with the Wreckers Stratagem and they’ll be smashing their way through Land Raiders, Imperial Knights and any other particularly durable targets with relative ease.

Tankbustas get even deadlier when combined with the Extra Stikkbombs Stratagem. By allowing every model in the unit to throw a Grenade weapon, you’ll be able to douse the enemy in Tankbusta bombs – a deadly deluge that few could hope to survive!


Lootas are a great choice in an Ork army, thanks to their excellent long-ranged firepower. Capable of blowing apart infantry and tanks alike, these ladz are a cracking choice in the new codex and benefit enormously from a brand-new Ork Stratagem that really lets them live up to their name – Loot It:

Evil Sunz Orks are almost universally members of a Kult of Speed – vast gatherings of Speed Freeks who drive, ride or fly into battle. Even the footsloggers of a Kult of Speed will cram their way aboard transport vehicles so that they can embrace the thrill of the wind in their hair squigs as they race to war. The obsession that the Evil Sunz have for speed is at the heart of their Clan Kultur…


Yep – for the Evil Sunz, the red ones really do go faster! By choosing Evil Sunz for your Clan Kultur, you’ll get an army-wide speed boost (even for your Infantry units!), with a particular turn of speed for your Speed Freeks units – that’s Warbikers, Deffkoptas and buggies such as the Kustom Boosta-blasta and Megatrakk Scrapjet. You’ll also be able to shoot Assault weapons without penalty when you Advance, letting you maintain a semblance of accuracy as you close in on your enemy.

Chances are, if you’re playing Evil Sunz, you’ll have a LOT of vehicles, so a Mekboy Workshop goes a long, long way. This new terrain piece is available to pre-order this weekend and, for a mere handful of points, helps enhance the abilities of the rest of your army considerably. Every turn, each Mek Workshop can give a nearby Ork vehicle a Kustom Job – a powerful enhancement to the ability of said vehicle. As you’d expect, you can repair stuff, but you can also amp up the dakka:


Just imagine combining this with a Stompa for a guaranteed 18 shots with the Deffkannon – and a chance at improving its Damage in the process! The only downside is that a model can’t shoot in the turn it receives a Kustom Job – but even so, you’ll find them absolutely invaluable in a mechanised army.

Warbikers, Deffkoptas and the new buggies are all Speed Freeks – a new Ork keyword that applies to the fastest-moving ground (or near-to-ground) units, and which offers a range of powerful new synergies. Consider, for example, the Speedwaagh! ability of the Deffkilla Wartrike when combined with a bonus 2? Move on all of your Evil Sunz Speed Freek units and their potential to re-roll charge rolls:

A handy Stratagem for your Speed Freeks is Billowing Exhaust Clouds, which makes your chosen unit that little bit harder to hit:

Ostentatious even by the normal standards of the Orks, Bad Moons augment their dakka with all manner of upgrades and enjoy demonstrating the shootiness their weapons in devastating fusillades. With the new Codex: Orks, you’ll even be able to represent this on the tabletop with a new Clan Kultur…


The Bad Moons are the shootiest Ork clans you can choose, giving you a welcome re-roll of 1s to hit in the Shooting phase. Combined with Dakka! Dakka! Dakka!, you’ll be able to make the most of your shootin’ and blow the enemy away in murderous salvoes of bullitz, wazzy lazerz and bomms.

This walking idol of destruction is nothing short of terrifying in the new Codex: Orks, with a host of improvements to its close-combat abilities, shooting and durability. Take the Stompa Rigger Crew – your enemy won’t just have to chew through 40 Wounds to take it down, but an extra D3 almost every turn:


Or the close-combat attacks – a couple extra go a long way when you’re hitting at Strength 20 (yes, really!) with its mega-choppa:

Or, most importantly, the Dakka – your three biggest guns have all been given a huge increase in their shot count:

With re-rolls of 1s to hit from choosing the Bad Moons, the Stompa is going to make mincemeat of anything it points its guns at…


It may not be as big as a Stompa, but the Morkanaut is covered in shiny gubbinz and gizmos – it couldn’t be more appropriate for the Bad Moons! It’s also received some significant improvements. First and foremost, the kustom mega-kannon is now a kustom mega-zappa, and boasts a much better attack profile, with 3D3 shots instead of D6:

With its kustom force field giving nearby units a 5+ invulnerable save, it will also serve to protect your shootiest units (Boyz with shootas, Meganobz, Shokkjump Dragstas, etc.) if you keep them close. Speaking of which…


It would almost be rude to talk about Bad Moons and not give this awesome vehicle a quick look at. It’s not only ridiculously shooty, but is also one of the most accurate units in the army thanks to its Grot Gunner and Targetin’ Squig ability, which add 2 to your hit rolls when firing its deadly kustom shokk rifle.

Rolled a 1 to hit? Don’t worry, you can re-roll that – you’re a Bad Moon, remember?

The Snakebites are the most traditionalist of the Ork clans. In practice, their rugged lifestyle makes them better survivors, determined to show the other clans that “da old ways iz da best”. In-game, this is represented by a Clan Kultur that makes your Orks a little bit hardier than anyone else…


The Snakebites Clan Kultur represents their hard-bitten resilience and stubborn refusal to die. Working on everything from your Boyz to your Vehicles (after all, when Snakebites decide to muck about with technology, they build it to last), it’s a little like having a Painboy to hand at all times…

Being the most ‘old school’ of the Ork clans, the Snakebites have become highly accustomed at bringing down big prey without the aid of specialist gubbinz or technology to do it (though it can certainly help!). As a result, they have a Stratagem that is specific to their clan, the timely use of which can all but guarantee the destruction of a choice target:

Top Units



With their squig launchas and sturdy construction, Rukkatrukk Squigbuggies are every bit the iconic Snakebite vehicles. The Rukkatrukk’s speed, combined with the long range of its squig-launching weaponry, means that it can threaten almost anywhere on the battlefield with a salvo of bile, bitey or boom squigs. And in the case of its nasty heavy squig launcha, the Grot Gunner ensures it hits on a 4+ – deadly accuracy for an Ork weapon!

Another trick up the Rukkatrukk’s sleeve (or crammed in its squig cargo bay, to be precise) is its squig mine. By fielding two or even three of these vehicles, you’ll be able to effectively block off an area of the battlefield by laying a bunch of squig mines. Even an Imperial Knight will have to think twice about moving through an area if it has the potential to suffer 9 mortal wounds by doing so!


The 41st Millennium’s least predictable psykers are better than ever in the new Codex: Orks – and perfect for any Snakebite Warboss looking to melt their enemies without muckin’ about with any new-fangled technology. For one, your Clan Kultur gives you a 6+ save against any self-inflicted mortal wounds from Perils of the Warp (of which there will be many). For another, you’ve got some awesome new powers to play with – like Fists of Gork:

As if Warbosses weren’t scary enough! Da Krunch, on the other hand, can blend hordes with a few lucky rolls:

Goffs love fightin’. So much, in fact, that they’re always trying to outfight the other clans to show just how Orky they are. They’re pretty good at it too:

This simple but effective Clan Kultur makes your army that little bit better when it’s getting stuck in with brutal melee combat, and complements Dakka! Dakka! Dakka! superbly – whether you’re shootin’ or choppin’ up your enemies, you’ll be generating free attacks on hit rolls of 6.

Top Units

There are few units with the close-combat punch of a pack of killsaw-armed Meganobz, and they’d be a great choice for an army of Goffs even without the generous points reduction they’ve received. However, there’s one Stratagem that makes them invaluable – Tellyporta:

You can combine this Stratagem with any Orks unit you wish, as long it has a Power Rating of 20 or under, but that’s potentially a full unit of 10 Meganobz! With their ’Ere We Go ability enabling you to re-roll either one or both of the dice when making your charge roll, you stand a great chance of getting this deadly unit stuck in as soon as they arrive.

Boyz! Can an Ork army ever have enough of them? Goff Boyz (especially ones equipped with choppas for an extra attack) are some of the best close-combat units in the entirety of Codex: Orks, laying down a ferocious amount of attacks in melee. They also have access to a nifty Stratagem of their own representing the biggest and toughest Goffs Boyz, known as Skarboyz:

In game terms, the difference between Strength 4 and 5 is a huge. It will enable you mince Toughness 4 units and threaten tanks (even Imperial Knights!) with your sheer volume of attacks. To make the most of the Stratagem, be sure to take a full unit of 30 Boyz to upgrade in this manner. That way, Skarboyz you’ll be dishing out the better part of 100 Strength 5 attacks!

Codex: Orks transforms your favourite army into a flexible, fast and brutal force that truly represents the weird and wonderful ways in which the Orks go to war. All the great stuff you know and love from this edition’s codexes so far – Stratagems, Warlord Traits, a Psychic discipline, and so on – is all here, plus all sorts of special Orky touches. Take Clan Kulturs – powerful faction-specific rules that allow you to represent the unique tactics (such as Orks have them) used by each of the great clans. Or just the army-wide special rules – as previewed previously, Orks now ALWAYS hit on a 6 – and they get to make another shot while they’re at it:

You’ll be able to grab Codex: Orks in print, digital and strictly limited collector’s edition on release – alongside a host of new models…

That’s right – Codex: Orks is launching alongside no fewer than FOUR new Ork Vehicles! Each of these is a radical reimagining of the classic Ork Warbuggy, representing different facets of Ork “Kultur” and giving you all manner of new tactical options when building your army. Need some fast-moving anti-armour capabilities? Grab yourself a Megatrakk Scrapjet! What about some extra dakka? Look no further than the Boomdakka Snazzwagon! Can’t choose? Bombard your enemies with a variety of exploding squigs fired from the Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy.

In fact, thanks to the Deffkilla Wartrike, you can field an army consisting of ONLY Ork vehicles – a convoy of destruction led by a mighty (and mobile) Speedboss.

Every mechanised Ork army will want a Mekboy Workshop. This new terrain piece allows Orks to enhance the abilities of their Meks and keep anything from Trukks to Deff Dreads in fighting shape:

If you’re looking to match your dice to your Ork army, you’re in luck, thanks to a fancy new set designed to fit the ramshackle aesthetic of the greenskins:

To tide you over while you wait for the pre-order, we’ll be previewing the new codex in detail all next week, with an in-depth look at the new rules, buggies and Clan Kulturs, starting tomorrow!


Speed Freeks is a new keyword in Codex: Orks shared by all the new Ork vehicles and other Orks who feel the call of the Speedwaaagh!, like Deffkoptas and Warbikers. In the lore, Orks have always been known for their love of speed, and this keyword lets you represent that with special rules and Stratagems designed just for you. Take Billowing Exhaust Clouds – a great give one of your new Ork vehicles a nifty durability boost:

The lynchpin of any good Ork vehicle army in the new codex is the Deffkilla Wartrike.

This vehicle is an HQ choice that allows any nearby vehicles and bikers to charge even after they’ve Advanced, letting you close the distance on your enemy with terrifying speed before smashing them to bits in close combat.

This ability works on ANY Orks in the same Clan with the Vehicle or Biker keyword, meaning you’ll be able to use it with your Trukks, Battlewagons, Deff Dreads or, if you’re feeling particularly brutal, Stompas!

The Megatrakk Scrapjet is a truly vicious Ork vehicle, excelling at scrapping enemy tanks or turning foes into coleslaw with its drill. Designed by enterprising Meks from downed Dakkajets and piloted by grounded Flyboyz, these vehicles are just as deadly as their aerial counterparts. Just check out the rokkit kannon:

And that’s just ONE of the guns – this vehicle is loaded with deadly firepower. With Dakka! Dakka! Dakka! – which lets Orks generate additional hits when they roll an unmodified 6 – this has the potential to scrap even tougher tanks in a single round of shooting. Should anyone survive – well, just ram them with the nose drill:

On raw number of shots alone, few come close to the Boomdakka Snazzwagon. Between a team of bottle-wielding Burna Boyz, a big shoota and the deadly Mek speshul, this is your dedicated Infantry-killer:

Don’t worry about having to choose between firing your burna bottles or other guns – the Boomdakka Snazzwagon has a special rule that lets you use both in the same shooting phase.

This vehicle is also one of the best defensively, thanks to its Billowing Fumes rule:

Even when destroyed, the Boomdakka Snazzwagon can still cause havoc, thanks to its high likelihood of exploding – just make sure yours is deep in enemy lines when it does so…


If you can’t solve a problem with a Squig, it probably isn’t worth solving. The Rukkatrukk Squigbuggy is the most versatile of the new Ork vehicles, capable of changing its firing profile to accommodate for a variety of different targets. Need to chew through some Terminators? Lob a bitey squig at them. What about tanks? A boom squig should do the trick:

What’s more, you’ll be able to use a squig mine to threaten anyone that gets close! Dealing mortal wounds to anyone unfortunate enough to tread on it, by using multiple Rukkatrukk Squigbuggies, you’ll be able to set up some deadly traps.

The Kustom Boosta-blasta is a fantastic all-rounder, effective at any range and pretty solid against anything you throw it at. If you’ve got a gap in your Ork list, fill it with one of these – they’re flexible enough that to help in just about any situation. Take the guns – you’re armed with four infantry-immolating burna exhausts for close range AND a hefty rivet kannon for picking off foes further away:

Of course, you can just use it to ram people too.

The Shokkjump Dragsta is the most unusual of the new Ork vehicles. For one, it’s – dare we say it – almost accurate by Orky standards, thanks to its paired Grot Gunner and Targetin’ Squig. You’ll be reliably hitting with the kustom shokk rifle on a 3+!

Where the Shokkjump Dragsta really shines is its incredible (if unpredictable) mobility. Roll a 4+ on your Advance roll, and it’ll teleport to another spot of your choice on the board, making it perfect for last-minute objective grabs or getting into position for a crucial shot.

Every single one of these new vehicles opens up countless possibilities when building your lists – and they’re very, very fun to use, too. And we haven’t even got into combining them with Clan Kulturs…


The design of the first Kustom Boosta-blasta was inspired by Mek Lockjaw, who had an adrenaline-fuelled epiphany while being launched soaring through the air by the explosive demise of his Great Gargant, Gorkzilla. Its hot rod design is augmented by huge exhaust manifolds that flank its chassis. Should the correct concoction of fuel be applied (via the medium of a big red button), these exhausts can be coaxed to gout forth roaring flame to incinerate nearby rivals.

However, the Kustom Boosta-blasta’s primary armament is a huge rivet cannon normally used for grafting thick armour plating to towering Stompas and Gargants. When weaponised and fired at altogether more squishy targets, the foot-long lances of solid metal spat forth at high velocity deliver spectacularly gory ends to their victims.

As one might expect from a rugged buggy that is traditionally created using parts looted from a Gargant factory, the Kustom Boosta-blasta is a full-on brawler, at its best when in the heart of the rukk. The main reason for this is the sheer variety and directional flexibility of its guns – after all, weapon direction is an important factor in Speed Freeks.


Unlike many of its rival Wagons, the Kustom Boosta-blasta’s most powerful weapon – its rivet kannon – can fire in any direction (as can its stikkbombz at a closer range). As a result, you don’t need to worry so much about which player activates their vehicle first in the Speedin’ phase – even if your opponent races past you after you’ve moved, provided they stay within 12?, they’ll still be fair game for your rivet kannon. It’s also Damage 2, so each hit that bypasses the target’s armour will really count– and its ability certainly helps with that!

In addition, the Kustom Boosta-blasta’s burna exhausts can unleash huge gouts of fiery death to either side, meaning that if you manoeuvre close alongside your rivals, you will almost certainly have a significant firepower advantage. That and the burna exhausts only have a 1 in 6 chance of missing due to their weapon ability.

Dead Kunnin’ TipGiven your directional weapon advantage, you may even want to avoid investing any Speed Freeks dice in Kunnin’ to make it all the more likely you don’t move first. That way, you may be able to manoeuvre out of enemy fire arcs once they have moved, all the while delivering punishing broadsides of your own. That also means more dice are freed up to apply towards more speedin’ and shootin’! Waaagh!

The Kustom Boosta-blasta also has a Spiked Ram, making it especially good at, well, ramming! In fact, if you can line up a ram against a rival Warbiker, you may find you’re able to smash straight through them!

One other trick up your sleeve is the timely use of the Kustom Boosta-blasta’s Twin Turbo. You can only use it once per battle, but if you think you’ll need that extra burst of speed to close on (or even escape from) your rivals, it’ll certainly help!

To celebrate the return of everyone’s favourite green-skinned warmongering, barbaric xenos this Orktober, we’ve got an entire month’s worth of exciting content for you to help get you in the mood for Waaagh!

We’ve already seen some of the Speedwaaagh!’s outriders in the form of the Deffkilla Wartrike, Boomdakka Snazzwagon, Shokkjump Dragsta and Kustom Boosta-Blasta – and we’re not done yet…

Arriving first this month is the awesome new game all about kunnin’, speedin’ and shootin’. If you like the idea of a demolition derby disguised as a race that channels all things Orky, this is the game for you! Show off your drivin’ and driftin’ skills, gun down your rivals with weapons as varied as shokk rifles and rivet cannons, krump them in high-speed boarding actions and ram them into scrap piles! If you like high-octane, violent fun, then Speed Freeks is the game you’ve been waiting for, even if you’re not already a dedicated Ork fan.

Two new vehicles come in the box, but there are more on the way close behind that can also be used in this game!

Next up is Codex: Orks itself. The book features bespoke rules for the six major Ork clans, dozens of powerful and thematic Stratagems to use in battle, a selection of wazzy psychic powers and updated datasheets – including all the new wagons that feature in Speed Freeks.

We’ll also be providing regular Ork-themed articles throughout the month as well as plenty of looted posts on our Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer TV Facebook pages, so keep your eyes out for loads of information about greenskin lore, rules previews for Speed Freeks and the codex, Ork painting guides and much more besides.

Ever since Mankind first set forth across the stars, it has been subjected to war and death on a scale previously undreamed of. Yet of all the myriad xenos races responsible for this relentless warfare, the Orks are in a class all their own. A crude and warlike breed of hulking brutes, the Orks love nothing more than a good scrap – so much so, in fact, that in the absence of a suitable enemy to take their aggression out on, they will readily fight amongst themselves just for the sheer joy of it. As such, any attempt to reason or negotiate with Orks is doomed to failure.

Orks have been encountered in every corner of Imperial space, and due to their unique biology and the incredible rate with which their populations replenish, they are all but impossible to eradicate. Even the most ruthless purge of Ork numbers seldom earns more than a temporary respite, and the question of how to rid the galaxy of the ‘greenskin menace’ has vexed Imperial scholars and agents of the Ordo Xenos for thousands of years. To this day, Orks remain one of the most bitter enemies of Mankind, responsible for the loss of countless trillions of lives, vast tracts of territory and once even threatening Holy Terra itself.

Ork populations in their infancy form crude and barbaric societies founded on the notion of ‘might makes right’. Due to a quirk in their physical development, the most aggressive and dominant of their kind grow, accordingly, into the largest and most powerful of their tribe, which in turn is led by its strongest member. As their numbers increase and their encampments develop, rival tribes are conquered or otherwise subsumed into larger groups. It is at this stage that Orks begin to emerge who have an innate knowledge of how to push the growing mob to its next evolutionary step, and they are known collectively as Oddboyz:

(Big) Meks:

Ingeniously skilled mechanics with the ability to create deadly weaponry and war machinery from little more than scrap and scavenged parts, Meks provide the ‘teknology’ that Orks rely on to spread carnage and destruction across the galaxy. More often than not, these guns and contraptions shouldn’t function in the conventional sense, but that never seems to stop them and has baffled millennia worth of Tech-Priests and Imperial scholars.


Sometimes referred to as Warpheadz, Weirdboyz are latent psykers who channel the cumulative energy given off by large exuberant Ork hordes into suitably impressive and deadly pyrotechnic displays, from green lightning to giant, stomping manifestations of their deities’ feet! The more Orks there are nearby, the more powerful these manifestations can become.


Named for their callous lack of patient care or bedside manner, Painboyz are surgeons who are able to patch up traumatic injuries, or work alongside a Mek colleague to graft mechanical replacements onto missing limbs, to get maimed Orks back into the fight.


The handlers of the Orks’ diminutive Grot cousins, the Runtherdz have an instinctive talent for goading their charges into doing something useful in battle, be it swarming the foe or bodily clearing a minefield. Runtherdz also serve as the cultural history keepers of the Orks, for they are born with an ancestral memory of past events and the deeds of their clan – not that anyone listens to them.

You can’t learn about Orks without learning about the Waaagh! Ork tribes and clans are unrivalled in the swiftness with which they can develop, rapidly changing from a warband of savages armed with scavenged and improvised weapons into a deadly, space-faring invasion force able to bring whole planetary systems to their knees. Once the population has reached a critical mass, its (now towering) Warboss will launch a Waaagh!, named after the ferocious Ork war cry that has terrorised their foes on battlefields beyond counting. The Waaagh! soon mobilises and unleashes total war on their nearest prey, taking to the stars aboard flotillas of crude ships once they have scoured their current location of everything worth fighting.

Sometimes referred to as the ‘green tide’, the bigger and more successful a Waaagh! is, the more Orks it attracts, sometimes from systems away. No one is certain exactly how this occurs or by what means other Orks find out about a Waaagh!, but it appears to take place on a subconscious, even instinctive, level. Buoyed by this steady stream of reinforcements, once a Waaagh! has begun, only the most horrific losses will deter its advance. More often than not, this will be due to the Orks losing their enthusiasm for the fight rather than ‘losing’ in the conventional sense. This is sometimes the result of the death of their leaders and the subsequent in-fighting, and sometimes they just get distracted or find a better fight. In any case, entire worlds or even star systems will have usually been destroyed by the Waaagh! before enough forces can be mobilised to inflict a meaningful defeat against it.

In battle, Orks fight in the simple manner of their gods – the brutal cunning of Gork and the cunning brutality of Mork. More often than not, this sees them perform various types of headlong charges into their intended victims either on foot or on the back of sturdy transport vehicles. After all, the only thing that Orks enjoy more than firing guns, blowing stuff up and racing at dangerously high speeds is fighting in combat. War allows them to freely indulge in most – if not all – of these favourite pastimes, which is why they love it so much!

Since the emergence of the Great Rift, the wars that have erupted across the galaxy in its wake have seen the Orks in their absolute element. One of the largest conflicts has emerged on Vigilus, with Warlord Krooldakka’s invasion giving rise to a Speedwaaagh!, a Genestealer Cult insurrection and, more recently, an Aeldari invasion as well. The escalating conflict has seen more and more Orks drawn to the sector in search of a good bust-up.

That pretty much covers an overview of the Orks for the moment. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be investigating the six major clans of the Orks and their respective kulturs in greater detail, as well as the ancient legend of the Brainboyz and even more besides.

Speed Freeks is a high-Orktane racing game set in the desert expanses of Vigilus, pitting Orkish bikes and buggies against one another in brutal, unpredictable death races. As well as containing the Shokkjump Dragsta and the Kustom Boosta-blasta, you’ll be able to bring all the rest of the new Ork buggies to your games.

After you’ve played a few games, you’ll notice that you have enough models to start your own Speedwaaagh! in the form of an Outrider Detachment’s worth of buggies and Warbikes – but what Warboss could possibly keep up?

The Warboss on Deffkilla Wartrike is a brand-new, vehicle-mounted leader for your armies that allows you to field a force of nothing but Ork vehicles. Armed with boomsticks, jet-propulsion engines and a team of very angry Orks, it’s the ideal commander for your Speedwaaagh! – or just a very effective way to deliver a massive, klaw-wielding Warboss directly into your enemy’s lines.

The upcoming Codex: Orks is, quite frankly, the best Orks book ever. If you’re a veteran warboss, this is the book you’ve been waiting for, while if you’ve always been tempted to start a Waaagh! of your own but never quite got round to it, this is your chance.

We’ll be looking at the new rules in detail soon, but here’s something cool from the new book – Dakka! Dakka! Dakka!:

Previously seen as a Stratagem in Chapter Approved 2017, we’ve added this as a special rule on EVERY Orks unit that works ALL the time. You’ll never, ever hit on worse than a 6 – and you’ll get an extra shooting attack for free when you do so. If you believe in yourself, you can hit anything…

Orks are about to get a lot shootier – and that’s only part of it. Watch out for more Orks vehicles and more rules previews as Orktober approaches…

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