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Meat for Meta: Comp Score

40k Word Association is where we take four opinionated players from the across the country and pick their brains to tackle current 40k topics. First up, this week is Jwolf from Bell of Lost Souls and regular at Battleforge Games...

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It’s like Tactics: Possessed

Pricey perhaps, one-dimensional certainly, worth a second look? Hell yeah! That how is I feel about Possessed. In fact, that is my current feeling on Chaos Space Marines in general. With all the new dexes and the rise of Mech,...

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It’s like Tactics: Thunder Cav

Welcome to 40k Word Association, where we take opinionated players from the across the country and pick their brains tackling the best 40k topics. The association of the week is Thunder Cav a super duper scary unit from the new...

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Best of 40k Internet: Competitive Wargaming

If you are ready for some college level reading about the nature of 40k then I have the article series for you! Danny Internets over at Bald and Screaming has put together a beautiful primer about all the components surrounding...

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Meat for Meta: The Four Pages no one uses.

Take out your mini rule book and turn to page 78 you might notice a section that you have avoided at all costs for no really good reason. The section in question is Buildings! I bet you forgot that they even exist in the 40k...

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