Author: TastyTaste

Meat for Meta: You do know they have BS 3?

As 40k discussions ebb and flow they seem to keep coming back to one damn thing, Imperial Guard are the most OP thing since the first Olympic Dream Team. I say quit whining and learn to beat it because, the typical mech list has...

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Meat for Meta:The Space Wolf Player

On Oct 3rd you will head down to your local GW purveyor and pick up a copy of the new Space Wolf codex. As you approach the cash register with the book in hand you might notice a gentleman ahead of you with the same book. He is...

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Best of 40k Internet: Army Rating

American just love to assign numbers to things, from top ten lists to batting averages we are a numerological nation. So it should not be any surprise that American 40k players love numbers, like Roman Polaski loves underage...

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The Xenos are coming the Xenos are coming!

Like OH MY GOD, is it really true, do my eyes deceive, a non-Imperial codex coming out? Say it isn’t so GW! Poor Blood Angels and Dark Angels need codices, not stupid Xenos! I was even hoping GW might announce 6th edition...

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40k Douche Bag: What can be Learned… if anything

For those living under an 40k Interweb, a megaton of flaming shit has been laid at both Bell of Lost Souls and Yes the Truth Hurts feet. All courtesy of an Austin gaming forum.  I have seen some messed up Internet stuff in my...

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