Author: TastyTaste

Bile Episode 1: 99 Luftballoons

Welcome everyone, as your embedded war corespondent Fabius Bile, here to report the truth as it is presented: dirty syringe and all. I have been able to wiggle my way into an Adeptus Astartes chapter under the direction of Forge...

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Bile Episode 0: Gone Fishin

I want to let everyone know that I am going on vacation for about ten days. I do not know if I will have time to make any posts. Not to worry, I have been able to get a very special guest contributor to my blog. Many of you know...

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40k Douche Bag: The Madness of King Elessar

Imagine for a second Stelek is Bill O’Reilly or Keith Olbermann; loud, opinionated, and egotistical, but from time to time can make some sense. Hold that imagine, then picture Glenn Beck; bloated, paranoid, and speaks...

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Meat for Meta: Paint your fraking models!

Bought a 40k Army — Check Assembled 40k Army — Check Grabbed a friend– Check Have a camcorder — Check Record Battles — Check Find Forum to post Batreps — Check Painted Models–Epic Fail!...

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