Well we have survived another month and not much different other then my wife has saved us as far as money goes again. The mortgage company decided to jack up our mortgage based on our property taxes.

Property Taxes really pisses me off, here I am paying for children to go to school. Most of which who's families do not pay school taxes because they rent. I don't know these kids I won't live here when my kids get old enough to go to school but I still have to pay. And a damn nice amount I have to pay as well. Not fair not right.

On a better note on World of Warcraft I hit level 70 with my main druid which means I need to go to my other server and play my 46 with my friends from faire. They will like that I am around more often on that server. My best friend is losing his internet for a while which sucks because that is the only way we get to talk now a days.

Well here in a few minutes my wife and I will be going to albertson's to buy Harry Potter. My wife is a potter freak but I can't even seem to get throught the first book it is just so weak of a read that it bores me to read the books. i may in time have to read this to see why they are such a big deal. The funny thing is I really like the movies, perhaps for me that will tell the better part of the story so I can talk with my wife about here passion.