Ok now for the silver recipe that I use for my Word Bearers.

1. Black undercoat
2. GW Chainmail base coat
3. Wash with thinned Gryphonne Sepia, allow to dry fully.
4. Wash with thinned Badab Black in any recesses that you think need more depth, allow to dry fully.
5. First highlight of Chainmail along the edges.
6. Final highlight of Mithril Silver on the highest edges/points to really make it gleam.  This highlight is used sparingly... don't make it too bright.

So again, a little more involved.  However, the result lends itself well to a mid-tarnished silver that hasn't turned completely black.

Next up will be a preview of my Greater and Lesser Demons.  The demons are one of the  reasons I started to make a Word Bearers force in the first place.  The whole idea of intergalactic death machines using inter-dimensional death machines was completely insane and awesome.

Take care,