So for those of you who dont know, GW has decided to remove the UK GT format for both WFB and 40k. Meaning instead of having a 3 heats and a final, they are now 4 seperate tournaments with no final.

Now there could be a list of reasons for this?

Buisness / Money - Not having to put on a free tournament

Competitive - Trying to move away from a WAAC scene and open it up to more people.

Personally i think this is a sad time. As for me in the UK the GT was the the tournament for the best of the best and it was great to have players from all over europe come and play. Now i dont think this is gonna stop them, but we lost the UK's most presitious 40k event.

There are now talks to try and set up an independant committee or link up with some of the other UK stores in order to organise a replacement tournament with regional qualifiers and a final. The main forum for this is

Independant Grand Tournament Forum

Now the WFB scene is completely different and i believe the guys from Unseen Lurker are trying to set it up, i really hope 40k indy tournament scene has the boost that the WFB has got in the last two years!

Id really like to see a replacement, but what do you guys think?