Hello all,

So this is my 1st post for The Bolter & Chainsword's Call of Chaos, painting challenge.  This should be fun and help push me to get my army finished before GamesDay.  A few things to know about said Call, it's broken down into items, not points, with a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 5 items and a bi-monthly update.  I will be working on 5 items for the MkIV Call, and they breakdown as follows... and you can follow the link here to B&C to see some of the projects as well.  There will be lots to look at and maybe it'll give you some ideas to boot!

1. 10 CSM, with Rhino - No not the unit that is already done and need to get pics up of.
2. 8 Lesser Demons
3. 8 Lesser Demons
4. 8 Lesser Demons
5. 1 Dread

The only thing that may be a bit fuzzy, is the Rhino... I've seen some players Calls get edited as the Rhino would be considered a separate item.  I'll contact the proper Demons in charge over at B&C to find out.

*I did contact Brother Nihm over at The B&C about the Rhino, and yes it is a separate item and as such it will have to go. Which is no problem, the idea here is to have an obtainable goal for the time allotted and not have so many things listed that a failure is imminent.*

Pics to follow later today... see you soon.

*I will have pics up as soon as get back into town, so next Sunday.*

Take care all,