Well my Inquisitor and retinue is virtually built. I say retinue there are enough for a few diffrent builds depending on what role i use her for. Currently with the latest Inquisition rumours regarding the hopefully forthcoming Grey Knights i am holding off somewhat on buying my storm troopers, i have decided to focus for the short term on expanding the Ecclesiarchical side of my Witch Hunters, i have bought an Immolator/Rhino as well as the first box of Flagellents to convert into Zealots. I am planning a full unit of twenty with 2 flamers and 4 fanatics with Eviscerators for a grand total of 172 points, it will hit reasonably hard in combat with the eviscerators, and will act as a good meat shield or speed bump as required. Hopefully i will have some pictures up soon now i have my camera back.