Neptunus IV

The Jade Dragons are a late founding chapter from the Rogal Dorn geneseed and like others of their lineage they are incredible stubborn, none more so then their Landspeeder squadrons and Landspeeder Dragon Knights who are by reputation first into the fray and last to leave... Even when the battle is a lost cause.

4th Captain and Land Speeders

In the odd occasion that the Chapter fights as one it divide it self into 2 seperate fleets;

the fast raiding force "Dragon's Breath"

8th Captain

and the slower Siege force "Dragon's Claw"

9th Captain and Devastators

each has it's own masters of the chapter and own way of battle.

Traditionally the Master of the Chapter: Templar Supreme Sholto Morag stands apart from the two masters of the chapter squads leading both with his Honour Guard.


the 1st company bear the terrible shame of killing the former master, 3/4 of their own and all the recruits stationed on the planet when they were ordered to commit exterminatus on their fortress world because the planet got infected with a chaos plague.

10th Captain and Scouts

Though it was a sacrifice the master willing gave the 1st company veterans feel that they can no longer wear the colours of their chapter instead adopting a grey, red and white scheme.

1st Captain and Vanguards

The 7th Company has strong ties with the Inquisition and are called upon by the chapter to clear any and all honour debts the chapter may have with the inquisition or other chapters.

7th Captain and Retinue