So ive been fairly quite for the last month or so, busy working and travelling still, anyway ive finally managed to sit down and do some painting. Im doing my 1750 points worth of tourney army ready for the 2011 tournament season in the uk, opening with the Caledonian Uprising singles tourney at maelstorm games. Im hoping of doing enough tourneys etc to try and get on an ETC team, if not ill have fun doing it.

So far im working my way through the troops. Here is my colour scheme, nice and dark and easy, perfect for tabletop quality -

Finished Sarg - Just need to do the eyes, but have run out of green paint!

Some WIP

My lists consist of the following for 1750


Libby with jump pack


2 x Sang Priests with jump packs and power weapons


2 x 10 Man assault squads with power fists and 2 meltas per squad

2 x 5 Man Assault squads with lascannon razorbacks

Fast Attack

2 x Baal Predators (heavy bolters and assault cannons)

Heavy Support

1 x Vindicator

2 x Predator with autocannon and lascannon sponsors

More Progress to come, ive also got a couple of reviews coming up!