So Ive not been the most active of bloggers mainly due to my inactivity of not painting. Id built my flesh tearers army about 2 months ago but have been been in two minds if i should of got a commission painter to do it rather than myself (review on some commission painters to come!). I finally decided to do it all myself bar two models (two sang priests, lazy i know)and the reason i decided against it was that i think personally i am quite capable of painting an army to a good table top standard. I think anyone is! My next army shall be dipped and maybe sqaure based.

So then here in lies the next question, whats good enough for table top? Now for those who listen to Heelanhammer (if not check it out) and have heard the sounds of dan 'the porridge eater' heelan and wayne 'the game' you would know these guys are always at painting armies or at least wayne is. Both the guys have alot of talent and some very pretty armies. But even these guys have said that as a painter you never really happy with your painting as you painted it and know all the little short comings that annoy you but wouldnt be apparent to others.

I find this very true and the guys on the latest podcast have said that this could even prevent you doing your hobby. I totally agree and i think ive had abit of hobby fear with painting, which has stopped me from painting. Im a gamer at heart and my problem with painting is that my painting ideas never really come out how ive wanted with other armies. This is down to a lack of painting progression on my part because of my hobby fear.

My other problem is that i find painting infantry in large amounts (well 30 is large enough for me), soul destroying, so in away to get this army done by jan and overcome my hobby fear. Ive decided to paint one marine a day. So then this should take 30 days in order to finish the 20 assault marines and 10 normal marines for my army.

So hear is my challenge to you! Paint a marine aday!

More progress pictures to come!