To celebrate the arrival of Book 2 "Rising Powers" for Malifaux, I decided to get a couple new crews to paint up. It didn't help that Miniature Market was having a preorder sale at 50% off.
One of the crews was the Kirai boxset. Basically she's a gardener on the run, out for vengeance, and summons lots of evil spirits to get said revenge. She has a definite oriental theme going for her entire crew.

Here's Ikiryo, Kirai's very angry, hate filled living spirit. Spooky green and tarnished gold.  The majority of the gold is actually bright yellow with some metallic medium mixed in. Basically metallic medium is colorless/white metallic paint that takes on the color of whatever you mix in. Only downside is that it will make you paint lighter, as if you had mixed in some white paint with it.

The skin needed to be really pale, so rather than the "skin tone" that I've been using, I mixed some with along with Bleached Bone, giving her a very undead look. A very very light Gryffon Sepia was finished her skin.
The hair was based white, washed purple, then highlighted in purple ink. Looking back, I think I should have reversed that. Inked purple, edged white, then washed purple. Oh well.
I REALLY like the way she turned out for the most part.