.....and not in the kinky internet way.
So I'm trying to get disciplined again for another tournament. This again is the 40K doubles at Warhammer World. Im bringing the whole army this time and my partner is using half. Were going with the daemons. Seems ironic that i started this blog to give structure to painting them in the first place. But they should look quite impressive as a force when finished. I'm going with the Skittles approach. i.e. one of every colour. I've been toying with dual god lists, but if i exclude 2 whole gods i loose certain aspects. I feel the core of this army, or my daemons in general are the flamers, horrors, plaguebearers and as its a doubles i need 1 fast attack, so it has to be seekers. Khorne is just there for shits and giggles. So yes, discipline. I have cleared my painting desk, there is now nothing to distract me. I'm only gonna paint my daemons until they are in a state i would put them down at a tourney. To the right is the update list. After first looking at it im actually a fare chunk through. Tonight its the test scheme for the daemonettes and seekers, "the blue meanies".