Not really a Work In Progress but mainly showing off what my wife got for our 1st year anniversary. She knows what I want, need, and like, so basically what I'm saying is I have the perfect wife.

I can't wait to paint them. The ronin are some of the best models I think Wyrd Miniatures produces, Killjoy is horrifically disgusting in the best way possible, and all of them are utter beasts in the game.

While I've been running the Outcasts without Ronin so far, everything I've read says that I've been doing it wrong. Looking forward to running a couple of them a few times to see what I've been missing.

Killjoy is mainly there because the idea of a nigh unkillable monster running rampant through the encounter, eating everyone in sight makes me giggle a little on the inside. Everyone, including my crew.

With these on hand, minus the totems, I do believe I have every Vic related Outcast currently out in production. While I'm looking forward to the Special Forces and Book 2 mercenaries, my wallet will be happy to have a short rest.

edit 9/30/10: Apparently I don't know how to schedule this for another day. Dur! Look, you can glimpse into the future!