What follows is the fluff from a recent kill team battle I had with my brother.  I just figured I'd have a little fun with it.  

Sgt King led his squad of veterans carefully thought the old battlefield.  They had been sent to gather some intel from a collapsing bastion that had been the target of particularly heavy fighting.  He picked his way through the debris and the barricades that had been set up to defend the line carefully, not wanting to fall victim to foolish footing.  He looked around him in the dead quiet of the dawn, puzzled by the foreboding feeling washing over him.  He opened a vox channel in his helmet.

“Carlos, Jonathan, take your heavy bolters and get into positions with full field of view,” King said into the open channel.  Wordlessly, the two heavy bolter wielding soldiers moved to the few still standing barricades and hefted their weapons into position.
“In position sir,” came the whispered reply.  They felt it too.  Sanguinus’ blood was in all of them, and for that reason they had all learned to trust their instincts.  This was especially true for the veterans of the First Company.  They had all been through thousands of battles, and with each one their instincts honed further.
King tuned his lightning claws a little, letting the hum of the power weapons fill his head.  He felt it, the red thirst, tugging on his mind.  He couldn’t let it prevail, especially not if there were not enemies on the field.  He quieted his mind and soul as he had done a thousand times before, then continued his march to the ruined bastion.
King led the remaining three veterans of his patrol team towards the bastion, carefully picking out his path to be sure that he and his men could dive for cover should something happen.  The feeling of foreboding was growing with each step that they took towards the tower, and each of his men held their weapons just that much tighter.
Without warning, the auspexes lit up with the presence of other biologicals.  King grinned, baring his fangs.  He blessed Sanguinus for his gift of foresight and started immediately barking orders to his squad.  They dove for cover immediately, having been prepared for this to happen.
“Sir, 20 bugs just popped out of the ground and are bearing down on us.  No ranged weapons among the lot,” Carlos said into his vox.  Immediately after, the echoing sound of bolter rounds tearing into flesh rolled across the old battlefield.  “18.”
Jonathan fired his own heavy bolter, tearing through more.  The other three veterans let their boltguns come to life in their hands, firing the special hellfire rounds that they had been given especially for killing these creatures.  King touched on the building rage and power beneath the noble mind of a space marine, feeling the power underneath.  He leapt from his cover and charged into the enemy in a headlong rush.  As the bolters screamed beside him, he found the nearest bug and charged it.  It slashed wildly at the man charging it, but he was already upon it.  King swung out with his claws, tearing it to shreds.
Boltgun roar was soon drowned out by the screeching death being inflicted on each Tyranid in turn.  After only a few minutes of fighting, the enemies fled before the might of the Angelus Mortis veterans.  King smiled again, turning around and entering the bastion for the intel that they had been sent for.  Retrieving it, he pulled his forces back, another victory under their belt.