Well I've finally hopped back on the 40k train this weekend with a mostly relaxing week at home. Here are a few shots of my WIP Chaos Sorcerer, so far I'm very, very proud of this guy but he still needs a lot of work. Some green stuff gap filling, some mold likes on the back pack and of course all the other missing extremities still need to be done but I wanted to post SOMETHING! ;)
I'm still debating on what to do with the left arm. I have a couple books I could use, a big scroll which was my original idea then abandoned but which was my original idea then abandoned but not I'm thinking about it again and finally I could just use the ever popular missile launcher hand psychic power usein' convsion. Also I forgot to take some scale shots because I raised this guy up a little to make him a little taller than the average bear.

In other news my poor wife has been sick for awhile now and after finishing some anti-biotics for the flu (which was days away from pneumonia according to the Doctor) shes still very congested in the head.... I'm kind of starting to get worried

Finally the world of sports has been beautiful for me lately! Being originally from Boston I'm a huge Red Sox, Patriots and Celtics fan. Yes the Bruins too but I never cared so much for hockey. Now I'm sure I just lost half of my very few readers by revealing I'm dedicated to the above teams right now but hey I DID root for them when they all sucked too so what do you want me to do?! Growing up with crap sorts teams as a kid has been paying off the last decade.... sue me :)

Go PATS! Sneaking one out against Green Bay! ....YIKES!