So, my first batch of Christmas presents are in!!  So far, I have come out with three sanguinary guard, an assault squad, a librarian, a terminator captain, and a vindicator tank.  I also have a whole bunch of ork heads.  (Thanks Mom!!)  Nothing else, just the heads.  I'll explain that one later.

So, if anyone has ever tried to put together assault marines, they know that the contact point of the foot to the base is hardly enough for any real hold from any glue, short of maybe literal cement.  They were nice with the sanguinary guard, at least, and put a rock under their foot to increase the amount of surface area in contact with the base.  Well, that's great for them, but I love me some assault marines!!  Then suddenly, an idea came to me.

People always told me to use little stones or something under the elevated foot, but I didn't want to go find/buy a bunch of rocks.  I decided to go a little different direction.  I bought ork heads.  $0.99 per 5, they were pretty cheap.  Now they'll be glued to the base and have a foot glued to them.  If it works decent, I might try other body parts or features underneath the foot.  Pictures will certainly follow as I get them (and my other units) put together and painted up.

In the mean time, a google image search brought up these gems below.  Enjoy.  (Props for anyone that can tell me the base model used for Santa).