Hey gang, Crazyredpraetorian here, with some inside scoop on the crazy things gamers do when not gaming. Some play WOW, some are into other hobbies and others do even whackier things...like getting tased.

  This week a bunch of us got together for a 40K Christmas party at Cheeseburger Josh's house. We sometimes play at his house instead of the local FLGS. So that we can cuss and be ourselves without being "warned" for using language that they even use on Sesame Street these days. Anyway, we had a full house, CBJ's brother splnes was there along with Josiah, Caldera02, Ferro, and Newkirby. 

  I got paired up against Caldera's Dark Eldar army. It was my third game against the new codex. The first game Caldera clobbered my Space Wolves, the second was against Darkwynn's DE using my IG, that was a closer battle but Cheaty Nick stole the victory from me. I ended up winning this game and Caldera has a new hatred for the Psychic Battle Squad.

  Inbetween games, splnes shows CBJ the taser that he bought for their sister. CBJ said that it wasn't strong enough and that he could prove it. If you haven't watched the video yet, now is a good time. We had a great laugh and CBJ wasn't harmed during the filming of this video.....atleast not much....LOL.

  What crazy antics do you and your gaming buddies do when you get together....keep it clean guys, no stripper, pimp, or shootout stories......I've been warned. 

Now Go Roll Some Dice!!!