Hello friends, just wanted to pop in and say that I've finally gotten settled into my new home (well, it's technically my old home).  That's right, the Kimchi Warrior has moved back to sunny California and is currently living at home with his parents (ladies, take a number!).  On the plus side I get to see all of my old friends and have even found a nice little game store with a small but growing Warhammer/40k community.  But wait, there's more!  To top off this little sundae it just so happens that the store (Gameology, in Montclair, California...for those interested http://www.gameologyshop.com/) is beginning an escalation 40k league with a respectable 10-12 players that spans 5 months.  The games begin at 500 points then move to 750 points, 1k, 1.5k, 2k, and then culminates with a 2k tournament in June.  When I heard this I thought "Look at that bird",  remembered that I have ADD, then thought "Excellent, I'm just beginning a Blood Angels army! What better way to get the feel of a new army than by an escalation league!"  So faster than you can say 'donkey boner' I signed up for the league and eagerly started painting my initial 500 points.  What follows is my 500 point 'January' army that I'll be using in my two games this month.


Librarian w/Shield of Sanguinius and Smite and Infernus Pistol (this guy is cheap at 100 points with a power/force weapon and gives a 5+ cover save to anyone within 6 inches as well as an Assault 4/St.4/AP 2 shooting attack.  He also gives the psychic hood.  Not a bad little hq choice and dirt cheap for what he does.)


Sanguinary Priest (at 50 points and the ability to give any unit within 6 inches Feel No Pain and Furious Charge, this guy is an auto-include in any list.  Just watch out because he dies easily in close combat and as an independent character can be picked out in CC)


2x Assault Squad w/ Power Weapon and Melta Gun (these guys are a small unit, only running 4 marines and a Sergeant but they pack a punch in CC.  With the Feel No Pain and Furious Charge bubble they are hitting anything they charge with 15 strength 5 initiative 5 attacks, 4 of which are by power weapon.  With the melta gun they are also able to deal with tanks, though with one shot this shouldn't be relied upon.)

Razorback w/Hvy Bltr and Razorback w/Twin Linked LasCannon (when taken as dedicated transports for Assault Squads on foot they are a super 35 points cheaper.  At such a low point game you can't go too nuts with these guys or you are going to find yourself short in other areas..something you can't afford to do.  With one Razor dedicated to anti-tank and another anti-personnel you have yourself fairly well covered.)

So that's it for now.  I'll post some pics soon of my painted models and also give you the update of my January games.  Until then, Keep Watching The Skies!!!11!