These are only a few of my recent paintings, which my boss asked me to do for him as a birthday gift, he didnt know what he was expecting but when i gave them back to him he was very appreciative. This was the first out of the 6 i was asked to do, basically putting aside all my stuff to get this done as best as possible. Here’s how i did it:

Armour - Merchite Red, Blood red, Baal red, Blood red drybrush, Blazing orange highlight

Metal - Boltgun metal, Badab Black wash, Chainmail highlight

Eyes - Dark angels green, Snot green, Goblin green

White Eagle - Skull white (Two layers until thick), Badab black wash, Skull white highlight along edges.

Base Eagle - Codex grey, Badab black, Fortress grey

Highlights in shoulder pads were done using codex grey.