I have got fed up trying to come up with a new marine list that excites me, I can come up with ones that work but not ones that really inspire me so I have went back to my half finished nids.

I originally started building a nid army a few weeks before the announcement of the new codex. Once the new codex came out I couldn't find an army that inspired me. The current crop of tyranid lists doing the rounds feel quite boring to me.

I have decided to give them another shot and try a deep striking nid army.

Here is the initially 1750 build I am going to try out

Hive Tyrant - Heavy Venom Cannon, Lash Whip and Bone Sword, Adrenal Glands, Wings, Hive commander

3 Zoanthrope - Mycetic Spore
Death Leaper

4 Tyranid Warriors - Death Spitters, Mycetic Spore
8 Genestealers - Toxin Sacs
13 Termagant - Devourer, Mycetic Spore

Carnifex - 2 Scything Talons, Bio Plasma, Adrenal Glands, Mycetic Spore
Carnifex - 2 Scything Talons, Bio Plasma, Adrenal Glands, Mycetic Spore

5 Raveners

The Tyrant gives everything +1 to reserve roll so most of the army should come on in the second turn. Zoanthropes for the tank busting and Death Leaper to screw with psyker's. The Tyranid Warriors cause I like the models and they bring synapse and some more firepower. The stealers can out flank to hopefully get a charge off on the second turn. The termagants are expensive at 10 points each but 39 str 4 shots will always prove to be useful. Two Fex's for tin opening and 5 raveners for the same purpose as the stealers.

On paper the list doesn't look to strong but I have decided to give it a try out anyway and see how it goes. Should make a nice change of pace anyway.