Huron Blackheart

This was my very first Painting for my chaos army, so its probably the model that means the most to me. I’ve had many victories with him and many losses but this is definitely one of my favorite models.

The scheme was done using the Eavy Metal teams colours, it was a simple way to paint this model and made my life so much more easier to get back into painting. Painted over 4 years ago, back from September 2007, the White Dwarf issue 333, so check it out, they give great help to those aspiring to get their models as good as they can.

However i used a hell of a lot of paint, and it cost me a few bob to get the paints i needed. so if you can think of other methods just use them.

If you like this model and you want one done the same, let me know and ill do it…. =]