Nurgle Dreadnought

Now this is one of my best and favourite pieces of work, and it didn’t take me all that long to do. Using a good method given to me from a friend i was able to get this done and made it my own by adding in my own techniques.

The decaying arm was done improvising on a basis of, ‘Does this look good with the rusting green?’. This is my favourite chaos army, mainly because of the originality of the colour scheme and the story line between the Legion.

The colour scheme is as follows:


Spray chaos black

Foundation paint, Hormagaunt purple

Drybrush Gretchin green (Leaving side area’s purple)

Green wash

Drybrush Gretching green (This time picking out side areas)


Boltgun metal

Gryphonne Sepia wash

Decaying arm

Iyanden Darksun

Golden yellow (Leaving some area with the foundation in some darker areas)

Baal red (in Recesses)

Gryphonne Sepia (All over)

Drybrush Golden yellow (Leave the Ball red and Gryphonne sepia in some parts)

Highlight Sunburst yellow

Bleached bone the maggots

Brass parts

Dwarf Bronze

Badab black


Bleached bone

Thraka Green

Fly emblem

Rotting flesh