Welcome to my blog.

As you can probably guess (the title of my blog is a dead give away) I play Dark Angels. While there are many fantastic blogs focused on Warhammer 40k, I felt that I could bring something to the blogosphere. So, enter Dug-a-tron and his Dark Angels...and onto my first post.

I'm going to keep this one fairly short. I'm still learning the ins and outs of Blogger so this post also doubles as a test to see how it works. I'll get to pretty-ing it up fairly soon with some graphics but the standard template stuff will have to do for now.

Content wise you can expect to see a fair bit of conversion work, some painting and a bit on strategy and tactics. I'm fairly new to 40k so it's likely that the blog will start off as a record of my learnings and evolve from there. Hopefully it will also help people new to the hobby.

More to come.

- Dugatron