As I work to finish phase one of my Shadow Crows, I'm planning for what needs to be done on my other projects coming down the pipe. In the meantime I've got some smaller projects that have seen some good progress.

Viktoria Crew Detailing

I really haven't had a good chance to finish learning Malifaux, but that doesn't mean I can't fix up some of my models! I put work into the Viktoria's shading the cloak, adding some decorative lotus petals to the scabbards, etc.

One of my favorites is my Ronin who got herself a Big Trouble in Little China shirt! I would like to add a bit more freehand to some of the other characters sometime soon.


Burna Boyz
I actually painted these burna boyz a long time ago, but completely missed taking a picture of them. I really liked how they turned out, but I could still use some better shots with proper lighting one of these days. I took this after turning them to green paste with my assault marines (who were in turn, rendered into grey paste :]) Also here is a shot of the infamous Shady Warboss from an angle to show what is going on behind him on the base. His palanquin has been replaced as well, it breaks a lot.

"Our blast templates shall blot out the sun"
"Then wez waagh in da shade!"


Vanguard Veterans WIP

The Vanguard Veterans have also seen some love. I'm working on getting the Jumppacks ready, but managed to get the last of the beakie heads on and start up some basecoats. I'm slowly finding my way through what variants on my colorscheme to use for the VV and the HQ's. More to come on these guys over the week.