Well I'm posting these up a day late but I guess that's better than never. I don't know how to use She-Swizzy's awesome DSLR I got her for Xmas so I had to resort to my shitty cell phone camera.

I'm the Juggernaut Bitch!

This is the best pic out of 10 that I've taken.
I'm some what sticking to the traditional Khador color scheme and why not? It's an AWESOME paint scheme but I will try to add a little more black here and there.

So far I've been loving the P3 paints. Their red is outstanding and blows GW's Blood Red out of the water. So far I only have the paints in the Khador painting set but I hope to expand.

I'm sure my future figs will look better, these were the test dummies.

What do you think?