Hi everyone,

As some might know by now I have started wargaming in 15mm.  I do have two armies in 10mm that I am finishing up and will post here on my blog, but I don't have any 15mm armies.  So I have decided to start two armies in this scale - Orcs and Dwarves.

The reason is they are the commonest races at this scale and the best in quality, unlike the Elves and other races.  You might have also seen my review on the 15mm Orcs and Goblins from the superb Splintered Light range, they are worth taking a closer look at if you are interested in fantasy wargaming at this scale.

The Orcs from Mirliton are the resurrected range from the defunct company Grenadier that brought out the excellent wargame entitled Fantasy Warriors, if anyone remembers.  Unfortunately the company went under, and at the time I was too into Warhammer to take a second look at this scale or these miniatures.

Well, I have long since matured in wargaming and have completely grown out of the Warhammer phase. Now since fate has given me a second chance to purchase these beauties, I don't mean to disappoint. 

To begin with I would like to take a look at the rank and file miniatures of this range.

As you can see they are beautiful models with solid poses, and very detailed as well for their scale.  Unlike the Splintered Light Orcs that have a Warhammer-ish look to them, these are rather more Tolkien-ish.  Both styles are fine, depending on your taste.

There are two Orc Warior packs (QOR005 & QOR006) that cost €2.79 each with vat included afterwards. Each pack comes with 8 Orcs, with four different types.

The second batch of models I have up for review today are the command packs (QOR001 & QOR002).  Each pack costs €1.67 with vat added at the checkout phase as well. Each pack consists of four figures including a leader, a standard bearer,  a musician and a champion.

Just like their rank and file counterparts they are very well done for sculpts that were done about 2 decades ago.

Postage and packing is fixed and registered, so I recommend buying in bulk to reduce postage costs.  They usually arrive after two weeks but might take longer if you are ordering outside the EU, so I suggest finding a supplier in your part of the world.

Farewell and good health,