The cover art on what I think we all hope is the best codex Games Workshop has ever dreamed of. That's right, this is the Grey Knights cover for the new codex, apparently showing up at random stores in this past day. Along with it are coming the kits. A bit too expensive, as always, but I'm sure with reason! Even in blurry pictures these models are beautiful. Be sure to read more to see prices and releases, from Bolter and Chainsword.

Source comes from TableTopTyrant
The First wave has been confirmed!

Grey Knight Codex Softback – £17.50 RRP

Grey Knights Boxed 5 man Set -£20.50 RRp

Can be built as;

* A Grey Knight Squad
* Interceptor Squad (Can teleport 30″ once per game)
* Purgation Squad (Heavy Support can have psy-cannons, psilencer or incenerators. Have psyk-out grenades and can fire at targets the can not see due to Astral Aim.
* Purifier Squad (Elite Squad with 2 attacks and the cleansing flame psychic attack)

The Grey Knight Nemesis Dreadknight – £33 RRP

Grey Knight Terminators / Paladins – £27.70

(Paladins are two wounded ws5 terminators with apothecaries)

Lord Kaldor Draigo – £13.80 RRP

(HQ choice that makes Paladins troops and grants D3 universal special rules)

Castellan Crowe – £10.25

(Makes Purifier Squads Troops)

Jokaero Weaponsmith – £7.70 RRP

Also, under What's New Today, for the US site, it is implied we will see some Daemonhunter information/pictures tomorrow.
"Actually, there's quite a lot of Daemons in today's post, let's hope there's not some kind of infestation about to occur, there's nothing worse than Daemons appearing all over the place. Come to think of it, I had noticed the nasty tang of ozone in the air and little arcs of lightning sparking off all the electrical equipment. Quick, call in the Imperial Guard, call in the Space Marines. No, wait, even they can't handle this many daemons! If you have a Daemon problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can enlist...
+++Communication terminated, pending investigation by the Inquisition+++"
US prices are roughly 1.6 times the prices shown. Sorry guys, GW likes taking everything they can.