Well Folks,
I've done some work on the fellas. Here is the WIP pics for the Thunderheads i.e. the Second Company First Squad.

The Skulls on the legs for the squad markings are free hand.
I did some weathering and battle damage on them. I think that this makes some sense as they are on a long campaign.
Some close ups to get a little better detail. I like the old school hazard stripes on the chain-swords and bolt pistols. The power-ax is a throw back for me as well.
Here is Ancient Ryne. He is an old Thunderhead Veteran Sargent that was wounded in battle with a Hive Tyrant. He was gifted by the Sanguinor hence his internment in the Dreadnought Sarcophagus. I still have a few details to finish up on him. Again I used some free hand on the skull as he is truly the soul of the second company.
Detail showing the Left arm. The right will match in in a few days.

Let me know what y'all think.