I'm a big magnets fan. For two reasons: one, keeping everything as WYSIWYG as possible, and two, make transportation and storage easier. So of course I had to magnetize the Dark Eldar Raider. Here are the pics:

Raider side view, note the magnet instead of the spike on the far right. Half of the little holes where the spikes go have been replaced with 2mm magnets to attach hangers or torment grenade launchers. You may also notice the lack of banner and extra spears with trophies: I don't intend to use the former at all (Don't like the look), and I'll magnetize the latter to represent Grisly Trophies in the future.

Close up on the 2 front hangers. This is a wyches' Raider, so I've used the normal Warrior hangers but gave them close combat weapons, spears etc. They all have one feet in contact with a magnet, and their hanging arm was repositioned to accommodate this change from the default position.

A naked Raider with every magnetized part removed.

And the parts in question. Note that the gunner is glued to its gun, because I don't intend to run Disintegrator Raiders at the moment. If I ever need to, I'll just cut the gun before the end of the barrel and magnetize the two different barrels.

Alternative front gunner using one of the hangers legs (I had tons of them since every ravager comes with the 3 hangers too!) instead of the normal static one. I like this pose a lot!

View from the underside. A big 6mm magnet sits where the stand goes.

The (dirty :) flight stand. The magnet is a ring, 6mm diameter with a 2mm hole, it fits perfectly in the old flight stands, or in the new ones with a little bit of hobby knife work. I really wanted a ring there to make sure the magnet wouldn't go off even if the stand fell or something.

And that's it! I'll try to post the Ravager and transport foam pics tomorrow.