Been a while since I have done an update, been quite buyst with my painting.

First up some Assault Kommandos. Got these to annoy Cryx players. Still not 100% sure of them yet but I have liked playing with them so far.

Next up the newest caster I am going to be trying out, the old witch. Had a lot of fun painting her and scrap jack, it's the first time I have used weathering powders on a models and the effect is really good.

Here is a close up of one of the bits the powder was used on, very simple to do and gives a much better effect that you can get with paint.

Also got around to finally finishing my Iron Fang Pike men, after the UA was nerfed I ended up dropping them from my lists but might start using them again. All the orgional spear shafts where replaced with brass rods that don't bend.

Got around to purchasing the big man, it's a bitch of a model to build, the parts don't fit well. Bit too expensive points wise but still worth having.

And finally, whats better than one devestator, 2 of them. Having enjoyed running one so much I decided to fork out for a second. Worth every penny for the look on your opponents face when you drop two of them.