When I started my Blood Angels, I decided that I wanted to do my own, converted and custom models for my HQ choices, because, lets face it, while the current/classic Blood Angel characters do have a load of history and charm, they certainly look dated...
As a happy coincidence, the Sanguinary Guard box had just been released, and the cogs started turning...

Naturally, first up was Dante, the Chapter Master, and I wanted two things:

  1. A more dynamic, action hero pose
  2. Wings. Big, feathery wings.
So, I went about point 2 first. This was actually my first proper "sculpting project", before now I hadn't experimented much with green stuff.

Having sorted the overall shape, I started with the bottom layer and, adding one at a time, proceeded to lay 1cm sausages of GS on, then flattened them out, and scored the individual feathers with a knife-blade. When that first layer had mostly cured, I moved on to the next row, and so on...

Moving on to painting, this was also going to be my first attempt at NMG too. I painted each part individually, and I wanted a more "yellow-y" gold. Following various guides around the interwebz, my end result is:

Overall, I am really happy with the result, but I look on this as mostly a learning exercise on various techniques and methods.


As I said, some things I would change, some things I am perfectly happy with! He does make a nice centrepiece for the army though.

Part 2 soon...

with this guy: