As promised I present you the picture of my entry that won 40k single model in the pre-selections.
I'm delighted to finally have a decent picture of one of my models. I'm not 100% pleased with the angle. The sword-drawing arm hides a rather big part of the model. I'm also a little bit dissapointed by the fault in my name. It should have been "Gert D'Hollander". But hey, I've won.....and there's a lovely picture to prove it, so no complaining :-P
The competition had the great effect, that these events always have on me. I'm dying to go in, brushes and paints flying and produce even better models. The brainstorming for some Golden deamon entries have begun. Some sketches are in the works. Let's warm up the greenstuff, creativity, etc... and hopefully I'll produce some stunning entries.
2 things I still want to mention before I finally quit my win-induced rant:
- A friend of mine archieve some nice wins in the same competition. He also was delighted by the "professional" pictures and posted them in his blog. Check them out, I sense a lot of potential in his future and I hope that we can boost our mutual performances: BLOG
- The commisar was painted as part of a mini exchange. As experiment, I try out different painting styles during these mini-exchanges. A mordheim model posted earlier was painted using Natalya Melnik's technique(I 've got the DVD :-D). This commisar was painted using some techniques inspired by the Apes over at Massive Voodoo.

That's it for today

fingers crossed fot the 10th of April: Finals in Amsterdam.....THESE COLOURS DON'T RUN! ;-)