Any of the Hackers fans who packed their water wings and beach volleyball kits for their trip to the Pleasure Beach were sorely disappointed today. It really wasn’t quite what they had expected.

Although, true, those fans who enquired of the Slaaneshi supporters where they might buy a knotted hanky and a cider-flavoured iced lolly were more often than not bitten on the face, the violence on the pitch was far less rampant. In fact, by Blood Bowl standards, this match was rather tame. This of course suited the Hackers fans down to the (very green) ground, but it left the Chargers fans spitting with rage – so much so that many of them went straight out after the match and bought Northern Waste Betrayers shirts.

The only glimpse of any kind of serious injury came when one of the Chargers was sent off for their foul on ‘Zipper’ Hare-Foot, but luckily for the Hackers’ rising star, the team’s Apothecary was quick to sew him back together and churn him back out onto the pitch.

In the end, the Hackers fans certainly could not complain about the score-line. This was their best result of the season, despite facing a robust and cunning opponent, and the two Wardancers seemed happy to sit back in defence and harry the Chargers while allowing the team’s catchers to soak up all of the glory for once.

In spite of this tremendous result, the Hackers couldn’t help but feel dirty as they left the Pleasure Beach. Dirty, yet slightly aroused...