Well after neglecting the blog some more, im back. My Malifaux Guild hoard has grown substantially larger, leaving my Leviticus crew still just at the box set level, this will likely continue until after my first Malifaux tournament 'Deliverence' at Firestorm Games, Cardiff in late June, where i will be running Lady Justice as my master and i wan't a big a pool of models as possible to suit each game and opponent though i have been tempted with Seamus and his Belles can work well with Levi, i will see what takes my fancy in the long run. Here's a run-down of the guild i have with their cost or cache in brackets. Lady Justice (Cache 4ss) Judge (7ss) 3 Death Marshalls (3 x 4 = 12ss) 2 Guild Guard (2 x 4 = 8ss) Executioner (7ss) Peacekeeper (9ss) 3 Guild Hounds (3 x 3 = 9ss) Governor's Proxy (2ss) Scales of Justice (2ss) Taelor, Lady Hammerstrike (9ss) Lawyer (7ss) Guild Austringer (5ss) Nino Ortega (7ss) Total including both totems = Master + 84 soulstones worth of minions/totems. The current plan is for either the Lucius or Hoffman boxsets to increase my number of guardmen or constructs. Though i definately want at least on Guardian for bodyuard duty.