Expect some pictures soon of my mostly finished Mansions of Madness, but in the meantime, here's a little something I have been working on for as the next project...

I will be working with clear caulk to mold out some ghostly trails around the LED, but I dont want to diffuse the main beam too much. I'm hoping that during a game I can engulf the deathjack's current victim in a green haze, room lighting permitting. The glow gets around the major areas I was hoping for, though I probably could add one to the back, or drill out the main exhausts and fill them with clear caulk to try to carry the light. As it stands I will probably just mimic that with the paintjob.

Here is one of the other works in progress, which took considerably more effort due to recasting the body in clear resin. The green is off, it should be closer to the deathjack, a little more cyan tinged.

And here is one of the original works, also recast in clear resin, though it loses quite a bit of detail. The paintjob was a test, and not likely to be the one I keep.

The LED's wont stop at the jacks though, expect some very small lighting attempts before this army is through.