As every homeowner will testify, the job is never done :-D
The previous owner gave a good start by installing a roof. However they refurbished the 1st floor horribly.
And that's where my other "hobby"-or call it time-drain- comes in.
Last year was dedicated to the master bed-room and now I'm doing the rest of the first floor.
1st room of the 2(+ hallway) is moving along  smoothly......the denizens of Commoragh are moving a lot slower ;-)
Cause and effect
But here's a picture of a couple of weeks ago:
In the meantime all the gyproc-plates have been mounted and I'm drywalling the seams @ the moment(after work)

I know.....all this is quite off-topic in this blog. However I'm covering the silence :-D

On the bright side:
I won the painting competition der lage landen in the GW-store in Amsterdam. In the category Single model 40K, I won first place! The Commisar of Krieg posted earlier brought home victory for me, and now he's off to the cabinet of a friend of mine.
I will however get some "professional" pictures and I'll post them ASAP. In the meantime the high from the win pushes me on in my motivation for golden deamon Germany.
Busy, busy at work so that's it for now