Ok folks,

As many of you know I have had this crazy idea of making an upscaled version of the Adeptus Custodes. This has been in the works since last WARGames Con. Thanks to Master of the Forge for his tutorial on making his "Art Scale" marines. I've been plugging away on them. I still haven't gotten the process completely correct for a mass build up, but they are coming along.

Now I am going to use the the Gray Knights Codex to simulate this army. Now there are those that I know that have thrown up there arms and have walked away yelling..."Not another counts as Buck. The last one is still giving me fits." I am determined to see this project through, and hopefully to have them ready for Astro-Dallas in November.

Now to the meat of the post. I have found the Dreadknight that I am going to use.


This thing screams Custodes. I will eventually have to have three of them just so the army will be complete.
I still haven't decided what to do with the Sisters of Silence. I may have to run them as some sort of henchmen to an inquisitor.....Hmm maybe Death Cult Assassins.

Well folks thats all for now.