This is a very special model in my collection as it is the one I've poured the most time and effort into. The reason for this is two-fold - 1. I'm entering it into a local commander painting competition and wanted to give it my absolute best shot and 2. I figured a well painted commander will inspire me to put the best effort into the painting of the rest of the army.

So on to the colors used:
  •  Armor: Basecoat 2:1 Mechrite Red/Chaos Black followed by Red Gore, Blood Red and Flaming Orange Highlights
  • Cloth: Basecoat Shadow Grey "blended" (or at least my best attempt) up to Skull White using  Space Wolf Grey as a midtone, Turquoise Details
  • Gold: Basecoat Shining Gold, Ogre Flesh Wash, Burnished Gold Highlight
  • Gems: Black, Regal Blue, Enchanted Blue, Ice Blue, Skull White
  • Sword - White undercoat followed by blending Black out into Turquoise
  • Leather, Pouches, Grenades : Chaos Black Undercoat followed by a 1:1 Chaos Black/Grey Highlight
Humble beginnings...

I was initially very intimidated by the prospect of trying out techniques that I had never used before (namely blending and freehand) but was ultimately very satisfied with the result. I'm glad I gave it a shot and am looking forward to improving. Let me know what you think!