I have finally decided to nail my colours to the mast and start work on a new 40k army, Drop pod space wolves.

I only started 2 weeks ago but I have been a busy bunny.

The Army

Rune Priest - Chooser of the slain, Living Lightning, Jaws

8 Grey hunters - Melta gun, Wolf Standard, Wulfen in a Drop pod
9 Grey hunters - Melta gun, Wolf Standard, Wulfen in a Drop pod
9 Grey hunters - Melta gun, Wolf Standard, Wulfen in a Drop pod 
10 Grey hunters - 2 Melta gun's, Wolf Standard, Wulfen, Powefist in a Drop pod
10 Grey hunters - 2 Plasma gun's, Wolf Standard, Wulfen, Powefist in a Drop pod  

Dreadnought - 2 Twin auto Cannons in a drop pod

5 Wolf Scouts - Melta gun

Wolf guard
4 Combi Melta, Powerfist (three of these go with the Grey hunters and one with the scouts normally)
2 Combi Melta
1 Combi Flamer
1 Power Fist
1 Wulfen
1 Combi Melta, Wolf Claw
Drop pod

I set myself a couple of initial rules when building this list
1) No Long fangs or thunder wolves
2) Everything in a drop pod
3) Boots on the table

My initially list was just grey hunters and dreadnoughts but I decided I really needed the wolf guard, the scouts are currently in even though they break rule 2 just because they annoy guard players.

The grey hunters I think are one of the best troop choices you can get, good at shooting with the two special weapons, good at close combat the wulfen and the banner are just the iciing on the cake.

The dreadnough is there to provide me a bit of token long range as after I hit the table I have no manoeuvrability.

The plasma gun squad is there to help against terminators or power armour in the open. I also made it and another squad 10 men strong just for a change as I was trying to make the list not too spammy.

I have had one try out game so far need a few more before I nail the list down.

The Models

Every time I do a new army I always try to add some new skills to my painting and modeling this time it's going to be converting and highlights.

I won't be using the space Wolf models as I don't like them going for a home brew chapter using normal marines and dark angel vets as the wolf guard.

The paint scheme is going to be base on a combination of the Angels Absolution and the Guardians of the Covenant. For chapter markings I am going to use the genesis shoulder pads.

As for the models them selves I have made minor conversions to almost all of them to make them look a bit more animated.


For my wulfen I decided to give them the old Mk 6 helmets and two close combat weapons each (dual wielding is one of the themes I have went for), also thinking about painting them mostly the red so they stand out a bit more.

For the wolf guard I had to bodge together quite a few combie meltas, took me a few goes to get it right, up close it doesn't look great but on the table top it should be fine.

Left is home made, right is off the commander sprue

The grey hunters I went to town on had great fun with these some of the poses aren't too hot others I am quite chuffed with it's all a learning process though.
Grey Hunters

I tried converting some of them up to hold the knives, initially I cut the hand up repositioned it and green stuffed the gaps it game a good effect though I had to go without a thumb as it was too small to glue back on. After doing that I took a pair of needle nosed pliers and just bent the hand and thumb around it's not quite as tight a grip but its a lot simpler and they get to keep their thumbs.

Done with the needle nosed pliers and brute force
Green stuffed

I have most of the army built now, the drop pods will be fully assembled once painted. The standard bearers need some standards, my missus as and all singing and dancing sewing machine so I am going to see it that can embroider some up.

For the scouts I am going to use normal power armour marines but give them some cloaks. I found a nice tutorial here. So that's going to be something new to try.

Other than the scouts I have a few more wolf guard to build and the dreadnought, that could be problematic though as it looks like forge world are out of one of the auto cannon arms.