Finally hobby picture time:
During past easter weekend I finished the room that I'm refurbishing.Now I have to wait for my girl and mother to hang some wallpaper before finishing up the whole deal=> paint, floor and electric stuff.
That means that until the girls meet up and do their thing(7th of May), I have some time to spend with miniature soldiers :-D me happy, big time!
Further complications in the continuation of this blog were the loss of my camera(just misplaced, typical :-/), and the busy working days. However updating the blog can work a wonder when motivation is yhere we go:
Picture time :-D
I've been playing with the idea of finally painting up a warhammer fantasy army and the steampunk-tech style of the skaven spoke to me(the fact that i'll need 200+ models brings a shadow of a doubt :-P). But here are some pictures of an assasin that I've been colouring :

I've also been working on a Flames of war force on and off.
Finally finished my SS-recon platoon with an upgrade to tank hunters(4 Schwimmwagens to go....but those will be my first airbrush experiment).

Yesterday evening I was finally finishing my last strike cruiser for my Dark angels battlefleet gothic fleet. The rest of the force is green, but I liked the idea of a ravenwing dedicated strike cruiser :
A little sneak peek at some projects/conversions for golden deamon Germany( in August)-feeling the stress allready-

That's Valkia the bloody and a early-heresy world eater for you :-D
Finally the big project: The Severed
Some progress on the first squad of warriors and my first raider. Now it's time to start the edge highlights :-D

Have a go at it.
.....and remember, maybe one day I'll be able to take at least some decent pictures :-/