Moving on with the vehicle motiff, another heavily armored thing - Brother Vali One-Arm, the veteran of countless battles!

This started out as an AoBR dreadnaught that I did quite some conversion work to add wolfy details and make it look like a proper Space Wolves Dreadnaught!

He is armed with the Multi-Melta the AoBR came with default, although I decided to swap the Storm Bolter out for a Heavy Flamer instead!

Two sides of the Dread.

As you can see I added Storm Shield some wolf tails and such. Notice the small detail above the MM arm.

Detail shot of the Heavy Flamer, made frm the IG flamer and some wire. I think it turned out really nice.

A tabard and lower part of the body, as well as the base.

Unfortunately the Dreadnaughts aren't really a highlight of the Space Wolves codex and Vali hasn't actually seen a single battle, since interred in the Dread. It's partly the loadout he has, since such a short range Dread is mostly suited to walk towards the enemy, something that Dreads don't really do that well. I am planning however on maybe getting the Venerable one from ForgeWorld at some point though...

And that' it, hope you enjoyed it!