I have started a small scale campaign with my brother, now, hoping to keep our games a little more interesting.  It is called the Assault on Addassartus.  I'm borrowing some info from Inquisitor Lord Aki, mostly his campaign primer and mapmaking methodology, to help it along.  The primer is found here. The mapper is simply a free hex mapper found online.  Really doesn't matter which one, just find one you like.

The story is as follows:

Addassartus, a rich planet on the fringe of the imperial arm.  Lush vegetation untouched by war and rich mineral deposits unravaged by any.  No intelligent life forms to speak of.  A planet ripe for the picking…

The surveyor ship came to a halt in orbit of the planet.  Captain Marcus of the Auretian Surveyor Corps stood on the bridge, looking over the data streaming to him personally.  He nodded and mumbled to himself, not bothering to even look up when General Kraxus walked onto the bridge.  The old general cleared his throat loudly.

“Captain Marcus, what do we have?” he asked excitedly.  The Auretian Senate had assigned his unit to guard the surveyors as they looked to expand their reach, all to assist their saviors.  General Kraxus, however, was more excited at the prospect of battle than a new world to colonize.  Marcus finished his reading before speaking.

“Well, General, it looks like your forces may not be entirely necessary.  The planet is devoid of all intelligent life, human or xeno.  Even Chaos doesn’t seem to have a hold here.  But, perhaps you can consider this a vacation,” Marcus offered.  He gave the orders to land the colonization fleet nearby and begin setting up their operations.

Kraxus scoffed and left to prepare his men.  He wasn’t going to be caught unaware, that was for sure.  His regiment, only several hundred strong, would at least be enough to defend until reinforcements came.  At least, that was the hope.

==Log 11247, General Kraxus==

They came without warning, silent as a gathering cloud.  With all the force of a bolt of lightning, the forces of Hive Fleet Tartarus crashed into Addassartus.  They attacked with all their might, hoping to devour the biological flora and fauna to create their own swarm.  We were pushed back, and the regiment that had once been the 35th Auretian rifles was decimated.  I have sounded the distress call, hoping to call the reinforcements before we lose the whole planet.


I'll post the results of each day as they come.  We will see who shall be victorious.  Hive Fleet Tartarus or Angelus Mortis?