There's been a big trend of Special Character lists that rely on the one-trick the character brings to the table. In a tourney coming up on Saturday, I'm running a Coteaz list. The big reason for this is the point limit is only 1500 points. I like to have a little bit of a barrier to throw in some bodies for when we start hitting late-game strategies.

The main idea with this list is to have solid, cheap troops and support them with vehicles and power armor. So here's the breakdown

Coteaz (duh)

Xenos Inquisitor
-power armor
-power sword
-rad grenades
-needle pistol
-servo skulls x 3
This guy designed to compliment Coteaz in another unit. Five attacks on the charge, stubborn, and has an AP 2 pistol. Once he's in range, pretty solid performer.

Purifer Squad - 6 man
-Psycannons x 2
-Incinerator x 1
-Hammer x 1
-Halberds x 2
Razorback w/Heavy Bolter and Psybolts
Classic unit. Can support or fight aggressively against most things. Dump the infantry out and create a nice little fire base that will go until the last man.

DCA x 3
Crusaders x 2
Arcos x 2
WAR w/Carapace Armor and Melta x 2
Banishers x 2
Chimera w/dozer
I made two units exactly like this. Now, I know a lot of people are going to question the Arcos and the Banishers. I like the Arcos to be honest. I think that any of them that get a chance will tear though things. The Banishers have the big chainswords too. The reason I've set the units up like this is that they have an advantage in every phase of combat. Melta guns inside of a chimera are plain annoying. Combine this with the two IC's into those units and they will likely stick around for a while. DCA's are very, very strong and useful but you hit dimishing returns on the unit if you take 12 of them. DCA's tear up, then the Crusaders and Arcos with the WAR if they're still in it. Finish it off with the Banishers and you're set. You can easily fight it out regardless of when you are going in the assault round.

WAR w/Carapace Armor and Plasma x 3
WAR w/Carapace Armor and Hot-shot x 3
Razorback w/Assault Cannon and Psybolt
Fast shocktroop unit with a good support transport and the ability to melt faces. Hot-shot wounds are icing on the cake. Roll forward, blast, duck for cover. I think this unit turned out to be within the 150 point range. I might have to invest in more units like this later on.

Fast Attack
Interceptor Squad - 7 man
-Hammer x 2
-Falchions x 5
-Psybolt ammo
A relatively expensive unit at 272 points, but will reek havoc in the backfield. Skulls will assist with the landing. Psybolts will let them pop lighter tanks like transports. Most jump infantry can get the charge on a unit if played correctly. On the charge, the unit generates 14 STR5 shots, 15 attacks at I4, and 5 attacks at I1. Power weapons and Hammerhand included with that can be pretty nasty.

Rifleman Dread
Tried and true. Its hard to pass up a cheap tank popper when everything else is so expensive.

Its not a typical list. I had a chance to test it out last week and I was happy with what I found. It can take out big nasties, tease out units in mid-range, and handle blob units. The main power is coming from the shooting phase, and being a Tau player as well, I'm OK with that.

I think the only real way to find out if the list is strong enough is to get it out in the field and try it. After Saturday, I'll let you know what I learned. Until next time, roll high, duck low.