This past Saturday there was a local RTT at 2000 points. I took my Dark Eldar while my son took his wolves. I was hoping for more folks but there were only 8 of us. It turned out to be a fun day and was very relaxed which is not typical of the local scene which is highly competitive.

Game one was against JP and his Deathwing. Apparently JP and his two buddies came with as many termies as possible, between the 3 of them there was 91 terminators. JP and Brandon were sporting identical Deathwing lists with Belial, Ezekial, and as many TDA's as possible. The third guy had grey knights with lots of Terminators as well. This game was a blast as always and he bogged me down on one flank away from the objectives for several turns. Finally I managed to break free and roll up his line. My disintegrator Ravager was amazing scoring 10 or so kills including most of Belial's unit (FNP? not today Belial) I won 2 to 0 on objectives and he had 3 terminators remaining.

Game two was against foot guard with witch hunter allies. Deployment was spear head and he took first turn. I watched with glee as he filled his deployment zone with guys. The look on his face when I said "I reserve everything" was funny. This game was a slaughter with me getting most of my reserves turn two along with dual wych charges turn two. He killed two wych squads and I killed over 180 guardsmen leaving him with 5 ratlings. The slave pits were overflowing. My opponent really did not stand a chance with me multi assaulting 4 units turn 2 when I came in. I won 22 KP to 2 KP (yea he did not even blob up on a KP mission)

Game three was against Brandon and his identical to JP's Deathwing. Dawn of war with me going first. I plopped down my warriors in the middle of the board and came all in first turn. I boosted everything mid field except for my ravagers which boosted behind a large building in my deployment zone. Bottom of turn 1 3xterminator units Deathwing assault in and proceed to either fail night fight rolls, miss or fail to pen. (it was bad 3 cyclones should have got him something.)

This left 3 units in the open with all but two raiders in range. Between shooting and assault the top of turn 2 found 15 of the emperors finest torn to pieces with only light casualties in return. His remaining units came in and I destroyed them as well. He had 4 termies left at the end but due to horrible run rolls I failed to make it to the 2nd objective so I only won 1 to 0 on objectives.

So I took first and out of the 60 terminators I faced, I killed 55 of them. A good day to be an Archon.