Just some quick updates for anyone who cares. I promise I'll get some serious posts up, any day now! I actually am working an article set on Wound Allocation, and I plan on emailing some of that to Fritz in a day or two, so that should be popping up soon. I also have put some thought into a Grey Knight codex review, I just have to put things to paper (or digital paper). Without further delay, here are some said updates.

I've recently finished assembling majority of my Warriors of Chaos army and have played a few games with them, going 1 for 1. Not great, but I'm not playing an amazing list or army, so it is not too surprising. Perhaps I'll throw my pictures on the blog sometime soon.

I have also finished gluing/posing my Grandmaster conversion. He is pretty close to being ready for painting, I just have to throw some more bitz and green stuff a bit to hide Ultramarine symbols and make him even fancier.
 Here is a picture.

I've also put up a Screaming Heretic banner on the right side of the blog. It's a great site to check out, with a podcast. I recommend subscribing or at least viewing the page every now and then.

Lastly, I just wanted to mention a bit more about this upcoming Wound Allocation series. It is intended to be a bit of a "teaching"/tips post, so it obviously won't be great for everyone. I do hope that anyone who is familiar still finds it somewhat worthwhile, and because of this I will be going quite in-depth after the first post. The first post will be a general overview on what would allocation is, how you do it, and mention how it can be beneficial/detrimental. Next post will be about kitting squads for wound allocation and how to use wound allocation to your advantage and finally the last post will be how to combat wound allocation "shenanigans".

I hope to get back soon with some more updates.